White Leather Jackets For Women

Why leather jacket is a fashion statement

Leather jackets have been popular for several seasons. They used to be in fashion previously and left the heritage of the clothing, which is comfortable and useful in everyday wear. Celebrities and average people prove this statement, having such type of garments in their wardrobes.

This season the silhouettes of leather jackets combine lots of element, which used to be popular in different decades of past century. From 1960s to 1990s lots of leather jackets variants took fashion positions in Fashion Empire. Top fashion designers presented such types of leather jackets as flight and bomber ones, biker and flight an others, so each person can find something special and underline his/her figure by this choice.

Among fashion creators, who offer leather jackets as a fashion statement, are Alexander Wang, Saint Laurant, Maxime Simoens, Bally, Gucci, Anthony Vacarello and many others. They underline some retro tendencies, combining them with updated elements, making lots of new variants. Sleeves, pockets, collars, zippers and buttons are the main decorations, which are changed by the designers in each their season collections.

Colours and silhouettes, length and leather fabrics are the main features which must be considered by the buyers. Looking for something special, people always find something classic with updated elements and renewed palette of garments. As for this season’s collections, they are full of calm, subdued tones with customized variants of jackets. For instance, females may find both feminine and masculine samples of cognac, dark blue, turquoise, olive or burgundy colours. But beige, sand and light pink are also popular in the collections.

White leather jackets for women are offered by some designers (Alexander McQueen sheepskin white flying jacket or Roberto Cavalli flying jacket with fur collar, biker jacket by Porsche Design) and attract the beginning of new fashion tendency with royal chic. The pageantry of this color is in its clearness and humans serenity that is presented in the collection of Costume National. Even though, the jackets are decorated with black collars and silver buttons on them, teaming it with white colored pants is the most successful combination, which really attracts purity and individuality of an awesome woman’s look.

People, wearing leather jackets, demonstrate the need to put it on forever, not looking at fashion trends and rules. The reason is the desire to feel comfort and attract beauty. White leather jackets for women are not the only variants to look differnt, there are also many bold color combinations, such as traditional black-and-white, which are offered by Saint Laurent. We may see the black leather jackets with cropped length. The contrast of white and black elements is perfect and creates a sophisticated look for those women, who prefer fast-paced life and enjoy it every day while biking, shopping or working.

As for other colours of the jackets they are various and may be bought in order to show the inner world of the wearer, the desires and dreams, mood and smart. If there is a necessity to underline the strictness, then classic variants of jackets are the best to do it. If the party must be very noisy and lots of friends should be affected by the look, patchwork and bright colours can be chosen to be put on. If the person needs to gather with friends in some traditional places as squares and parks to spend their free time, breathing a fresh air, lots of models of jackets, such as pea coats, biker variants and others are the best decision.