Womens Brown Leather Jacket

Bomber leather jacket - The all season choice

British singer and singing competition, X Factor judge Cheryl Cole wore a pink bomber leather jacket when she arrived in L.A. She looked absolutely dazzling in this number. The bomber jacket is usually known to be worn by men who don’t pay much attention to their image. Men or boys who hang out at the basketball courts waiting for something to happen.

The leather bomber jacket is not the most fashionable garment or a desirable item by the public. Cheryl Cole is one of the few celebrities who give the jacket a certain elegance and chicness. Not only is the jacket pink leather it has gold buttons and zippers. Talk about standing out and making a bold statement. Cheryl Cole isn’t the only celeb seen wearing the bomber jacket. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively wore the jacket too. She was caught off guard by the paparazzi in a women’s brown leather jacket.

Despite the jacket being rather inactive in the style circles, the jacket does look good on Cheryl Cole and it can be passed off as a rather trendy fit. How the clothing item fits persuades an on-lookers decision on whether to buy it or not. LinahNkuna’s decision to buy a leather jacket was persuaded by the fit more than who was wearing it. “It doesn’t matter whose wearing it, it’s about how it looks on the person trying to sell it to me,” she says.

The bomber jacket is regularly publicized in to be worn in winter. In the 21st century there is a fine line between clothes that are fit for winter or summer, even across seasons. The leather bomber jacket is one of clothes that cross that blurred line. Leather on its own is a versatile product. It has the ability to keep you warm in winter and cool during hot days.

The bomber jacket can come in rather dark colors, such as black. When wearing it in sunny weather you can make it stand out by wearing it over bright colored clothes. Finding a leather jacket that isn’t black can be hard to find. However, locating and owning one can be the best thing for your street cred. Due to the red, yellow and green (for instance) being rare on the streets, walking down the road wearing one demonstrates your sense of being bold and unique. A women’s brown leather jacket may not stand out as the yellow bomber leather jacket but it is a classic covering that is smart on anyone who wears it.

There are different kinds of bomber leather jackets. The bigger and puffed ones are for the more sophisticated leather wearers. The bomber jacket worn by Cheryl Cole and Blake Lively is inspired by the puffy design. Only it is not as big and heavier on the eye. The sophisticated bomber jacket comes with shearling and that is what gives it its puff. The one seen on catwalks and the streets of Hollywood doesn’t come with the shearling.

The bomber jacket doesn’t do much for a women’s shape, unlike the standard leather jacket that is embossed with all the right shapes and curves in place in the designing process. The fact that the jacket was originally a flight jacket could be the reason to its shapelessness.

To give the bomber jacket a more appropriate look most people who wear it pull up the sleeves.