Womens leather Jacket With Hood

The hooded jacket – what’s new this season

There is no such item of clothing that has been the subject of fierce debate, such as the hood in the men's and women's jacket. Some consider it a "rough" element, while others believe that it is irreplaceable thing in bad weather. But the main advantage of a jacket with a hood is its versatility, durability and functionality.

Popular are women’s and men’s models with two types of hoods – the classical one and hood that looks like a scarf, which has the full right to be called a universal thing as it plays the role not only of the hood, but is also used like the collar. Models of hooded jackets with fleece and fur are also in trend this season.

As a rule they have zipper and can be worn when you are going for a walk or jogging. Not less popular is women's autumn jacket with hood made of fleece called “Teddy”. Hood itself is decorated with teddy bear or cat ears. The jacket can be fastened with a zipper and has “kangaroo” pockets.

Autumn polyester jackets with hood can be found in almost any wardrobe. Besides the model with classic cell lines, there is a jacket with a stitch in the form of geometric figures, horizontal lines. Colors are often bright and saturated. You can wear them with jeans and boots, sport pants and sneakers. Designers use waterproof raincoat material with glitter effect and a zipper of contrasting color.

In the shops there appeared some interesting models with a zipper on the hood. There are options with fur trim, and there are models with zipper as a decoration. Also, there are samples where the zipper is in the middle of the seam and in such way the hood can change into the collar.

Travelers and people working in harsh weather conditions prefer the down jacket, because it is very comfortable and warm outerwear. Hooded down jackets have a great advantage over conventional women's and men's jackets and coats. This is due to the fact that a good down jacket, even in severe frosts, retains heat for a long time. Down jackets can be of different length and the hood usually is lined with natural or artificial fur.

Men’s and womens leather jacket with hood are universal things that have been in trend for a long time and can be combined with any clothe. In the new fashion season can be traced such styles of hooded leather jacket: “motorcycle” jacket; jacket with a collar and a hood on a tieback. Very actual is the leather bomber with hood made of cloth.  As a rule, it is removable and made ​​of dense jersey knit. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should pay attention to the hooded jacket with knitted sleeves and patch pockets. Also should be mentioned men’s and womens leather jacket with hood with fur. These leather jackets are irreplaceable in cold, windy and snowy weather. The universality of such thing allows you to combine it with different kinds of clothes: business or casual style. The hooded leather jackets are usually of classic black, brown and gray colors.

Hooded jackets are very popular among young and older people. They are comfortable and you can easily combine them with sporty or casual style of clothe. Hooded jackets two thousand fourteen are present in a variety of collections and are distinguished by the minimalism of colors and detail. So that every man and woman can choose the most convenient model of outwear.