Bane Coats

The celebrity coats - The stand out trends of this season

There are millions of people all over the world, who are inspired by their favorite celebrities. People want to copy the styles these celebs introduce in the fashion trends. The celebs try as much as possible to be spot on in stylish and classy coats which are designed by professional designers. In the 21st century a celeb need not to appear in public to make a fashion statement, but she/can use social media services such as instagram, facebook and Twitter, to catch attention of their fans all over the world. Here is a review of celebrity coats which stood out this season

Beyonce dark red vinyl Burberry coat

Beyonce is one of the few female celebs who truly run the world. Beyonce looked power and fearless in a dark red vinyl Burberry coat, when she was shooting a new video in New York. The superstar rocked the world in this oxblood colored coat in the video New York.

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Coat

Bane coat is a stylish and elegant coat, which was inspired by Tom Hardy in the film “The Dark Knight Rises”. Tom Hardy wore this splendid Bane Coat outfit; this coat matched the role he played as mysterious villain. The Bane Coat has a brown blended color which adds a sharp and stunning look to your character. This coat was designed to give you a simple but superb look. The inner lining of the coat is made from soft and tough material that will perfectly protect you from the cold in the winter season.

WD Aiden Pearce Distress Trench Coat

The Aiden Pearce Brown Trench Coat was inspired by the lead character in the game. The coat is made from Cowhide leather which not only protects   you from ruggedness environment but also the cold winter.

Scarlett Johansson Coat

Scarlett Johansson is one of the famous actress, singer and a model. She stole the lime light when she appeared in the popular “The Late Show” in a stunning beige coat. This coat was one of the statement coats this season

Phoebe Tonkin Coat

Phoebe Tonkin an Astralian model and actress was seen in cobalt blue coat, when she arrived at the famous BCBG Fashion Show.


Natalie Portman a popular actress in the film Thor. The stunning star looked hot in pink trench coat when she visited Good Morning America. The pink coat is catchy and it’s a trending coat.

Jennifer Garner Black Belted Manuela coat

Jennifer Garner a poplar actress is seen in a Manuela Coat. The actress was spotted in a red carpet on this superb coat. The stunning superstar attracted many photographers who took best shots of her.

Kim Kardashian Voto Coat

Kim Kardashian a popular reality star has been spotted numerous times in a cream voto coat. Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential female superstars in the word. Kim Kardashian is a papparazi’s favorite star especially when she is spotted with her husband Kanye West.

Holly Willoughby Coat

Holly Willoughby coat is among the coats which are in fashion this season. This is a must try coat which will make you look fabulous.

Katy Perry Fur Coat

Katy’s is one of the female superstars who are known for faux fur coats. The coats are popular during the winter and many other super stars emulate it.