Beat It Jacket

Leather accessories must have for Music lovers

Are you a music enthusiast who loves to put on leather accessories that match with your favourite artist? Do you miss the king of pop Michael Jackson and his signature beat it jacket from time to time? There are countless ways to wear leather accessories and find its way to your favourite music or bands. Music and dressing up after all are forms of expression. Follow us as we explore the various leather accessories that remind us of the most iconic music artists of all time.

Beatles Fashion Inspiration

From the time when these handsome Liverpool boys took the music world by storm, these fabulous four certainly stays popular up to today. George, John, Ringo and Paul made timeless music that many of us can sharewith. And for that, we can celebrate their music by wearing retro.

Ladies can dress like a bohemian hippie from the seventies as ‘All you need is Love’ is played endlessly in the background.

For men, why not incorporate your attire with the Beatles’ clean-cut appearance by wearing a perfect fitting button down shirt and slim black pants.

Tip: Women can wear a wooden-heeled wedge sandal with yummy leather straps. They may also wear a military style inspired jacket with a hint of leather trimmings similar to the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band getup. Guys can complete the Beatles look by wearing a pair of sleek black leather shoes.

The Rolling Stone Rocker Chic Style

Rock Legends like Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Ian Stewart, and Bill Wyman donned so many leather jackets throughout their musical career as the Rolling Stones. From shoes, jackets to wristbands, these guys have put on so many leather accessories for every gig. If you like their music, you can rock your style with black leather accessories. Don’t forget the metal studs if you want to complete the look.

Tip: If you want to look subtle in an otherwise rough looking attire, you can instead opt for a leather bag with studs and wear something feminine on the side. You don’t have too look like a female Mick Jagger just because you’re wearing a Rolling Stone inspired ensemble. Be creative and don’t forget to have fun while dressing up to your music taste.

Michael Jackson lives somewhere in all of us

Tagged as the highest earning dead celebrity, the king of pop continues to live not only in our hearts but in the 2014 music charts as well. At a very tender age, Michael contributed so much to the music industry since the mid nineteen sixties as a member of the Jackson Five. He started out his solo career in the laid-back seventies and became a dominant figure in the eighties pop dance and music culture. From thereon, his musical career skyrocketed that forever changed the history of popular music worldwide. MJ popularized so many songs donning various accessories that later became the iconic thriller and beat it jacket to name a few. If this guy has seriously touched your life with his tune, your sense of fashion will somehow reflect the attitudesof his countless music.

Tip: Michael Jackson is a staple of the 80s fashion trend; there are many fashionable leather accessories evocative of the era such as long strapped leather bags, vintage leather blouses, black leather pencil skirts, leather boots and of course leather jackets. A real must have for music lovers.