Blade Jacket

Jackets which your idols wear – the popular jacket trends in the movie industry

There was a time when film costume cost a fortune and it was beyond the affordability of general consumers. But as time progressed, demand for look and feel of celebrity among the consumers increased. The clothing manufacturers have come up with affordable replica jackets and costumes used in popular films.

Leather jackets are always a jewel in the eyes of fashion geeks.

Not just due to the material or distinct colour, but also for the change affect on personality. Often a men’s leather jacket turn a person stand out from the crowd due to its elegant look and feel.

There are many popular jacket trends in the movie industry. Different super hero appeared in different movie in different eye-catching leather jackets. Some of them are recent and some of them are all time classic. Among the popular jackets few are mentioned below.

Blade jacket

Blade leather trench coat or more popularly known as blade jacket became famous with Wesley Snipes’ appearance as vampire in this outfit in the movie Blade. This jacket looks great on both men and women, of any age group, and reflects a unique attitude. This blade jacket is made up of pure synthetic leather with red coloured inner viscose lining. This jacket is perfect for wearing in any parties and lets you stand out from the rest. The blade jacket reflects high level of personality.

Black bomber leather jacket

Tom Cruise is among the many movie stars who think a black bomber leather jacket looks very appealing.

This coat provides a statement about the person’s individuality.

Fight Club Jacket

Brad Pitt played the role of Tyler Durden in the Fight Club movie in 1999. The long red vintage leather jacket is prominent throughout this movie. This great stylish cult jacket goes well with jeans and khakis. This blazer style jacket also can be used as casual jacket or formal jacket.

Iron Man - Tony Stark Jacket

Tony Stark (Robert Downey) appeared in this jacket during the hanger scene with Rhodey, his military friend. Though it was not shown randomly but it took the attention of jacket lover. It’s off centre front zipper and biker look made it special. It goes well with red lens sunglass.

The Crusader - Dark Knight Jacket

Bruce Wayne/Batman wear this jacket for his motorcycle in the Batman movie The Dark Knight. With this jacket he rides through the streets of Gotham on his motorcycle. This is a super hit motorbike jacket among the bikers due to its fashion and legend. Slim fit, red detailing on the front sleeve and collar makes it stand from the crowd.

X-Men - Origins - Wolverine Jacket

This is a slim fit jacket with contrast design located at sleeves, back shoulder and collar. Also it has wide waist yoke. Very stylish and popular among bikers, this jacket has antique brown with tan details. This super stylish leather jacket goes well with khakis and jeans. Any X-men origin fan will have this leather jacket worn by Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movie. It is a very good choice for causal and semi-casual wears.

Each leather jacket has its own style, looks, design, fittings, colour and materials. Leather jackets say a lot about a person’s personality and individuality. The jackets that movie idols wear inspire millions of general people and fashion lovers.