Contraband Jacket

How to create a stylish look with a contraband jacket

Classic yet comfortable leather jackets are truly a piece that can be worn everywhere.  From the inner-city to the countryside the motocross has been a firm fashion favourite for decades.  The motocross is currently having something of a style moment, with heavyweight celebrity’s adding to the appeal of this classic cut of jacket.  A classic distressedmotocross jacket is an iconicpiece to invest in for a rugged-cool appeal with a polished vibe. 

The distressed but fitted style like the clean-lined and collarless contraband jacket works well for those wanting a classic masculine look which is bang on-trend for fall. 

Nowadays the hard and stiff jackets of the past have been replaced with distressed and pre-treated softer versions that have modernized the classic look whilst keeping the quality of a jacket that should last a lifetime.

Styling this piece and the overall lookfor any situation needs to be simple and clean, leaving the jacket as the key piece that pulls together any overall men’s outfit.  Here-in lies the key appeal for this current aesthetic which looks thoroughly well turned out in an effortless laid back manner.  Rather fittingly the look stays true to effortless by actual being time friendly and low maintenance, with no ironing, fuss or dry cleaning involved. 

For a sleek look a clean grey marl crew neck t-shirt gives a subtle pop of colour, though navy and black work just as well.  Avoid larger cuts and ensure the t-shirt fits close whilst not hugging.  Avoid low or V-neckt-shirts as they will unbalance the stand collar of the jacket lines and give your torso a look of heaviness.  Holding the outfit to a more well-groomed style is done by ensuring you choose a well-made t-shirt made of a heavier fabric, for both the colder weather and a cleaner cut.

For authentic attitude this look should be finished off with boots and denim, both depending how informal you wish your look to be. 

To make an impression keep the cut of the jeans straight and opt for non-distressed black or indigo jeans with buckled ankle boots in suede or leather.  Matching the colour and tones of the jacket in your footwear will give an overall finished and solid silhouette to the outfit.  Brushed leather will elevate the look whilst still balancing the line between dressed up and dressed down.

For a more casual look throwing on your favourite jeans with some well-worn desert or lace up boots.  Where the weather demand extra layers, you have the options of a bright coloured shirt or grey hoodie to keep the chills at bay whilst maintaining your overall style cool.

For those colder days add a muted tone wool scarf, knotted casually over the top of the jacket.  Watch the length of the scarf to ensure the sartorial statement remains fully in-tact.  A mid-length to ribcage length scarf will look the best overall with this outfit choice.  The textured material of the scarf will only help to accentuate any distressed tones in the jacket.  Stay away from patterned scarves and woollen argyle styles which can make this look seem bulky and mismatched. 

For significant warmer climes an ageless choice is to team the t-shirt with tan or beige chinos or khakis. This is the classic east coast twist to the contraband jacket style.  Aviator sunglasses, optional.