Cyclops Jacket

X-men fashion statements- the jackets inspired from the trilogy

It is a well-known fact that fashion in the films influence the fashion in the real world, the costumes that are current can be easily adapted to the real world and to a day-to-day basis. All the fans want to look like their idols and act like them, they are usually sexy and attractive even if they are not the most beautiful person in the entire movie, we fell instantly attracted to them because of the outfit that they wear. Marvel heroes are a good example of sexy and trendy characters. The X-Men trilogy is a great example of this trend and the influence that movies have. Most of the characters of these movies are very strong, sexy, and influent and they create themselves a new fashion statement that a lot of people try to follow and imitate. Most of the current fashion brands used this influence and created articles that are based on the outfits of the movie, and that will give their costumers the look they desire and that suits them and their needs.

One of the more iconic outfits that emerge from these movies and that had a large demand by the fans all over the world was the X-Men Cyclops Jacket, the one we see him in when the rides his motorcycle. It is a rich and slick leather jacket and when we wear it we exhale sensuality and confidence. Cyclops is considered a good guy and he has sex appeal and it can be explained by the outfits that he uses. The bad-boy look that it is given to him attracts a large number of fans. The Cyclops Jacket is not a simple leader jacket, since Cyclops power is based in fire, it presents on the side of the chest red and brown stripes that give the wearer a sleek and trendy look. It gives you an urban and current look. With this jacket, the wearer will be the center of attentions by everyone that passes him.

Another male character that influenced the fashion is Wolverine, this character is the bad boy of the entire X-men Trilogy, this bad boy has the biker look and it fits him very well. He is a fashion icon top all bad boys that love the biker look. Cyclops Jacket will accentuate the biceps and the chest area.

Just like the male figures we have also strong and trendy female characters, like Jean Gray, Cyclops Wife and Wolverine love interest. When we have a strong and trendy male character, we need a strong and trendy female character to see them together in the scene. Jean Gray A.K.A. phoenix is a strong and sexy character known by her skinny and trendy outfits that confuses and attracts both male characters. She uses mainly corsets that enhance her figure. Storm, in the other hand, has a sportier look and we see her mainly in the back and sexy X-Men Uniform.

The main characters of this trilogy are hot, trendy and urban. They have a massive sex appeal that is now available to the fans and general audience, the jackets that they use, specially Cyclops, are not costumes that will be immediately associated to a film, but it will help you stand out from the crowd and be noticed by your slick look.