Dark Knight Jacket

The top 5 movie inspired trends this season

New trend and style evolves in every season. We wear light clothes in summer and warm clothes in winter. We wear clothes inspired by our favorite movie stars. The movies gave us so many memorable and iconic jackets giving a new dimension to fashion. The capacity of movies to reach people of any walks of life and of any social status has spread the sense of fashion to all classes of people. This season’s top 5 jacket fashion trends inspired from movies is discussed below.

The distressed coat in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”

This stylish and elegant coat is an exact recreation inspired by the movie “The Dark Knight Rises". This jacket was worn by actor Tom Hardy. The color of the dark knight jacket is brown and its texture displays rough look which goes well with the character played in the movie. Inspired by a Swedish Army Officer outfit known as M1909 Field coat or more commonly a Shearling coat, this piece of attire is made of Lambskin leather which symbolizes courage and boldness. The inner lining gives comfort during winter. The Bane leather vest along with the dark knight jacket adds a bold appeal to the personality of the person wearing it.

Ryan Gosling’s Scorpion Jacket in the movie ‘Drive’

In the movie “Drive”, Ryan Gosling played the role of a Driver and was spotted wearing an extremely fashionable and trendy scorpion jacket. The outer layer of the jacket has ivory diamond quilted satin with premium stitching which gives a unique style. The golden zipper closure in front provides a charming persona. It has got knitted collar and cuffs and two pockets on front side and two on the inside. The most attractive portion of the jacket is the large golden scorpion at the back which has an extraordinary bold appeal.

Paddy Considine’s jacket in the movie ‘Dead Man's Shoes’

This M65 jacket was worn by Paddy Considine in the movie Dead Man’s Shoes. This jacket is packed with functionality. It’s under arm vents cool the body when needed and the hidden pockets are easily accessible behind the main front pockets to keep important stuffs. The jacket consists of 15 metal buttons. The mesh lining helps to breathe easily. This jacket gives a feeling of angriness and silence which was exactly portrayed in the character played in the movie.

John Travolta Leather Jacket from the movie ‘From Paris with Love’

This jacket was worn by John Travolta in the movie ‘From Paris with Love’ while playing the character of Charlie Wax. This brown jacket is extremely glamorous and gives your personality a shimmer appeal. It is made up of rich genuine leather, with viscose lining. It has a lapel collar and fashionable front button closure. This jacket depicts a combined personality of being ruthless at the same time charming. This jacket enhances style and is suitable to be worn in any weather.

Brad Pitt’s Benjamin Button Jacket

This is a classic leather jacket worn by Brad Pitt in the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. This jacket gives a look of sophistication. This leather jacket is made up of cowhide leather, has a front zipper closure and belted style collar. The jacket gives a luxurious effect when worn.  

These celebrity inspired jackets provide a blend of style, fashion and comfort. These fashion attires are a must have for all the fashion conscious movie fans.