Fight Club Jacket

The jackets made iconic by Brad Pitt

Did you know that Brad Pitt donned so many jackets in the movies that ultimately became a phenomenal fashion statement? This guy can make the most rugged looking to the most painstakingly neat tailored leather jackets look equally just as handsome as the wearer. Who won’t take notice of Brad Pitt’s fight club jacket among so much more? We cannot say enough. Follow us as we explore some of the jackets made iconic by Brad Pitt.

Fury WW2 Jacket

The latest trendy outfit worn by Brad Pitt is none other than from his latest action-drama war film, Fury. Throughout the story, he’s wearing a military jacket wistful of the World War 2 era. In this movie, he depicted the role of an American army sergeant making their final push against the Nazis territory. Set during World War II, the film is evocative of Pitt’s 2009 Inglorious Basterds.Yet in this previous film, he wore a loosely fitted leather jacket. Nonetheless, his character impersonations from wartime genuinely catch our taste for vintage dressing. Fresh from cinemas this fall of 2014, Fury inspired military jackets will be flying off the shelves in no time!

Tip: Military trend is quite the new fashion phenomenon. Women donning military inspired ensembles have changed the way we look at the very unbending charm of safari-cladmodels. It has eventually transpired into more feminine style from the last couple of years. What better way to get started on the trend than with a military inspired jacket?

Killing Them Softly Jacket

Brad Pitt starred in this mafia inspired crime film entitled ‘Killing Them Softly’. Seeing what this guy is wearing on the film instantaneously becomes a fashion must have. Based on a nineteen seventies novel, Pitt is seen wearing a black leather jacket in the movie. Almost everyday, countless faces in Hollywood fashion influences our way of dressing, but the elegant and eternally handsome appeal of Brad Pitt are surefire hits.

Tip: Black leather jackets are a must have for almost anyone with a flair for style. The jacket from this movie is no different from the tough guy black leather skins you see on most of his movies. It probably goes without saying that any guy would love to be in Brad Pitt’s shoe even just by a jacket.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Jacket

Brad Pitt starred in the famous film as Benjamin Button who ages the wrong way. Depicting the role of a man with extraordinary disease, Brad is unforgettably seen cruising down on his motorbike in a stylish brown leather jacket as the youthful and robust Benjamin on his prime age.

Tip: You can complete the handsome look by wearing a white shirt underneath, match this with a dark blue denim jeans and a pair of aviator sunglasses. If you are a die-hard fan, why not get the same vintage motorbike as well and cruise along with your smashing getup?

Fight Club Jacket

One of the most celebrated roles of Brad Pitt is that of a rebellious Tyler Durden in the late nineties film, Fight Club. The bold, rugged and rough attitude of his character ultimately complements the now iconic red wine colored fight club jacket he wore for the part. He carried the leather jacket awfully well; no doubt it became a fashion sensation.