Ghost Protocol Jacket

The leather jacket trends set by celebrities this season - the top 5

The leather jacket trends are the most popular type of jackets that are preferred by most of the people. The leather jackets are smart, affordable, trendy and according to the fashion. They are therefore referred to as the backbone in the fashion world. This can be proven due to the fact that they are known all over the universe. There are different types of the leather jackets and every individual prefers a particular type because of its design, color or type. The leather jackets also serve a number of purposes and they can also be comfortably worn to different occasions. The secret behind acquiring the best that there is in the leather jacket collection is to select whatever is appropriate.

The top 5 leather jacket trends

Ghost protocol jacket

Just from the name, the leather jacket is top notch. The leather jacket is described as the most attractive leather jacket that every man can wear. The Ghost Protocol jacket is made of sheepskin leather and its stitching is quite durable. This gives it an advantage over the rest of the leather jackets. It is lined with soft viscose and has a hood that is attached to the collar. It has zipped cuffs and an extended pocket is present on the chest area and two other pockets that are on the waist length and two other pockets that are; located on the inside.  The Ghost Protocol jacket is indeed fashionable.

Tom Lee leather jacket

Tom who is a celebrity wears a unique leather jacket that is made of pure leather. The jacket is quite classy because of the features that it has. It has cuffs that have zips; the presence of the storm flap that covers the front part of the jacket makes it appear attractive. In addition the leather jacket has trailers at the back and this is quite awesome.

Michael Jackson leather jacket

The leather jacket is quite trendy and fashionable. The fact that it has silver buttons on the front of the jacket is one fact that makes it hot. In addition the leather jacket has a detachable hood and the collar is uniquely placed. Apart from this, the leather jacket has pervesions on the sides and the fact that the pockets are diagonally placed makes them attractive.

The Brad Pitt leather jacket

The biker jacket that this celebrity wears is preferred by most of the people. First it is designed in such a way that it can be worn to most of the occasions. In addition, the inner lining is comfortable and acts as a protective measure to whoever has them on. The leather jacket also has pockets both on the inside and the outside of the. In addition, there are a variety of colors that are available in the market and this has drastically improved its ratings in terms of popularity.

The adventurous leather jacket

This type of leather jacket is worn in the movie; the Adventurer. The leather jacket is uniquely designed and it is popular because it is similar to the bomber jacket. In addition the leather jacket can be worn to different occasion both casual and official. Apart from this, the leather jacket has details on the front and the back side. In addition it has a flap that falls to the back side of the leather jacket.

These leather jackets are preferred because of the designs and the fact that they are quite affordable.