Hawkeye Vest

What vests are popular this season and why

There is no mistaking that the leather vest is having a fashion moment.  It is not traditionally an easy style to wear, which is why it is curious to the origins of its sudden popularity amongst men.  You need to go no further than your TV viewing these days to understand why. 

Top of the list for emerging this micro-trend is the juggernaut that has become The Walking Dead.  The show itself has been airing for some years and growing steadily in acclaim and popularity. With its final season currently airing worldwide and breaking viewing records left and right, it is the current show of the moment that everyone is talking about.  The forever tortured but adored Deputy Rick aside the other beloved and strong male lead is Daryl who has emerged through the seasons to be a man of strength and loyalty and a complete stubbornness to not die.  This last trait being something that is quite difficult in the Walking Dead universe.  Daryl is a character who has rarely been seen without his leather vest since the show began.  The variations of the vest has changed throughout the seasons but he wears it tight, with a clean cut and often with a sleeveless shirt underneath.  Zombies aside it is impossible to argue that thislook serves him well and has ultimately piqued the interest of any males who spend gym sessions perfecting their biceps as to want to show them off. 

With the final season only getting more popular and Daryl set for a major storyline, logic would set that you could quite safety bet on this particular vest look to only get more popular as the months and episodes progress. 

With its flexible styling options and the ability to wear with or without sleeves it is not hard to see why this look and Hawkeye vest has become a popular fashion favourite for the fall season.

From the Avengers to Captain America the marvel movie franchise has continued to go from strength to strength this year.  The popularity of Captain America skyrocketed this year with the second movie in the captain America franchise earning rave reviews, critical acclaim and big box office takings worldwide. There is no doubt that the fashion and characters in the movie help to make this a firm favourite worldwide. In addition to this, S.H.I.E.L.D remains a TV favourite, again syndicated worldwide and promoted heavily with the second season currently showing on TV screens this fall.  Next up on the seemingly unending marvel movie list is Avengers 2: Age of Ultron which is scheduled to land at movie theatres worldwide in the summer 2015.  Although only having smaller parts so far, the Hawkeye character played by the popular Jeremy Renner is set to star more prominently in future movies but there is no doubt that the Hawkeye vest made an impression when it featured in the original Avengers movie.   The full credit cannot just go to this character though as its overall design is replicated in the S.H.I.E.L.D TV show as well as the Captain America movies.  It’s when you realise that Avengers 2 is set to be the eleventh instalment in the marvel universe that you really begin to realise just how many people in these vests there are, which make sense for their seemingly growing popularity and demand outside of the movie realm.