Inception Leather Jacket

Exclusive movie jackets inspired by movies this season

A good leather jacket not only reflects good fashion taste, but it also says a lot about the owner’s personality. It reflects one’s professional as well as personal traits. Many people buy leather jackets inspired by movie stars. The leather jacket worn by a celebrity or character in a particular movie says a lot about the personality of the character that he played in the movie. The design of the collar or cuff dictates what type of personality the character has.

Inception Leather Jacket

The coffee brown colored sheepskin leather jacket worn by Leonardo Dicaprio as in the blockbuster movie Inception as he played the character of Dom Cobb attracted many fashion conscious people.

The character “Cobb” portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio is a secret agent who is expert in mining information from a person’s mind. The classic military look of this leather jacket shows the strong personality of Cobb. It has a shirt-style collar and simple cuff design which makes it more appealing. It has a strap around the waist to keep it fit. This Inception leather jacket looks best when it is fitted to the body, that is, it is of slim-cut design.  The color of the jacket is also eye-catching. Though black is the most common color used for Inception leather jackets and is successful in giving a cool appeal and classic look, the coffee brown color of the Inception leather jacket stands out and provides a unique appeal to the person wearing it. It also gives impression about the owner’s unique fashion taste.

Top Gun Flight Leather Jacket

Though the A2 flight jacket has been worn by Army Air Corps since 1930s, it is a classic piece that has come into fashion over and over again.

This flight jackets gained popularity after release of the film Top Gun when Tom Cruise was seen wearing it. The modern design of this jacket is quite different from its classic version with fitted finish, made up of goatskin, and of seal brown color.

These jackets usually had paintings embedded on them. The G-1 flight jacket was used by US Navy in the old times. This jacket comes in goatskin or cowhide material, in seal brown color, has brown fur collar, and has front pockets in both single entry and double entry style. This flight jacket for men has also been popularized by the movie Top Gun.

White Satin Scorpion ‘Drive’ Leather Jacket

Ryan Gosling was spotted wearing an extremely fashionable and trendy scorpion jacket in the movie ‘Drive’. The outer layer of the jacket has ivory diamond quilted satin with premium stitching which gives a unique style. The golden zipper closure in front provides a charming persona. It has got knitted collar and cuffs and two pockets on front side and two on the inside. The most attractive portion of the jacket is the large golden scorpion at the back which has an extraordinary bold appeal.

A leather jacket is a timeless portion of one’s wardrobe. It never goes unfashionable. So even if someone is not a very fashion-conscious person, he will look fashionable if he just has a leather jacket like the Inception leather jacket in his wardrobe collection. Movie stars has always inspired fashion conscious people who always wants to keep themselves up to date with the latest fashion trends. So leather jackets used in movies will always be on demand.