Indiana Jones Jacket

Celebrity jackets which make us Nostalgic

There are thousands of classic movies which are unforgettable because of interesting story lines and stylish actors/actress. The actors make incredible stuns or a move which leaves the viewers mesmerized and makes them stick to viewers mind. Other celebrities also make fashion statements which influence the fashion industry for several years without fading.

These superstars ensures that they bring their A game whenever they are spotted, thus influencing the mass. Here are some of the celebrities’ jackets which make us nostalgic.

Indiana Jones Brown Leather Jacket

The Indiana Jones jacket is one of the nostalgic cinematic jackets in the world. When it comes to film fashion, Indiana Jones jacket is the Holy Grail. The bomber style leather jacket is superbly cool and suitable for adventurous people, whose daily activity involves visiting rough rugged terrains. The jacket was inspired by Harris Ford in the movie The Raiders of The Lost Ark.

Will Smith Del Spooner Leather Jacket

The Del spooner jacket which was worn by Will Smith in Science fiction movie “I Robot” the sleek black Del spooner jacket gave will smith a sophisticated look which suits the role given in the movie.

Marlon Brando Leather Jacket

The motorcycle jackets which was inspired by Johnny Strabler in the movie The Wild One. The cool Stabler’s leather jacket is common among the bikers, punks and ruffians in movies. This was Brando’s trademark which was emulated by other superstars the likes of Bruce Springsteen and James Dean. Brando’s Jacket is made from 100% leather which is suitable for motorbike rides; the material will definitely protect you. The jacket is no doubt one of the jackets which brings nostalgic.

Brad Pitt Red LEATHER Jacket

Brad Pitt played the role of Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club. Brad Pitt pulls off a stunning look in this red leather jacket. The actor effortless shines in this red leather jacket. You can achieve the Brad Pitt look by getting this classic jacket.

Thriller Leather Jacket

Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket is one of the most iconic and outstanding jackets. The jacket was inspired by MJ on the Thriller video. The jacket was auctioned for a whooping $1.8million and the lucky buyer said it was one of best MJ’s Jackets which no doubt brings nostalgic. The designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis designed this classy jacket; the designer also designed other brands like the Indiana Jones. This jacket can not only make you stylish but also outstanding.

Jeremy Renner Leather Jacket

The Jeremy Renner Leather jacket which was inspired by Aaron Cross in the action movie “Bourne Legacy” the jacket has been designed by professional craftsmen. This jacket can be worn by riders and also looks appealing in gathering.

Terminator jacket Leather Jacket

Terminator leather jacket is one of the stylish jackets in the Hollywood. The jacket was inspired by Schwarzenegger in the Terminator series. The actor has been in the film industry for many years and he is still relevant in the fashion industry because of the iconic style he introduced. The terminator leather jacket brings a brave and stunning look. The heroic role Schwarzenegger was given makes him popular. Thus his jacket is one of the best in the industry.

Wesley Gibson jacket

Wesley Gibson is one of the poplar superstars who were features in several movies. The poplar movie “Wanted” inspired the Wesley Gibson leather jacket. The jacket was Wesley’s trademark which has stick to many people’s mind.