John Lennon Jacket

The evergreen look: The immortal jackets of music stars

Apart from the sound they amuse the listeners with, music stars have always been cultural icons. People look up to them due to the fact that they touch the people with emotional level like none. In popular culture this extends a long way as musicians are fashion icons too. The way a certain musician dresses becomes constant trend; the way that a musician sets his hair becomes immediate fashion.

One of the popular was john lenon jacket. He was one attractive celebrity then among many celebrities. Regarding the way they dress, there have been few musicians now and then who have been able to capture people’s imagination via their jackets.

Let us take a look at few immortal jackets which was/is made such by musicians:

     - The Ramones: After the punk wave hit America, The Ramones were there winning people’s hearts with short, fast-paced rock and roll. Not only did they capture people’s hearts and imaginations with their tracks but also managed to create a stir in the way people dressed. Jeans and those leather jackets were huge back then. All four members dressed putting on those leather beasts and there it was: Leather jackets were immortal. Especially Johnny Ramones with his twin zippered LH zipped jacket hanged peoples head upside down.

     - Bob Marley: M-65 Jackets, now we are talking of something immortal. Military Jacket was almost a symbol of dictatorship and at times even revolutionaries; Bob Marley changed all that. Rumor has it that the front pocket of his jacket was filled with weed, unlike other military jacket wearers who put bullets in there. Generations of stoners are believed to have connected with that type of jacket immediately.  

     - Denim Jackets: Washed Denim Jackets were very popular in the 80s. These jackets are still worn today and people don’t seem to mind it and they don’t seem to wanna get rid of them jackets any time soon. Not just specific musicians but whole big bands such as Bonjovi, Guns and Roses, Twisted Sisters and Poison walked off with these jackets, making them immortal. The immortality of denim jackets is further confirmed when we see Rihanna constantly in her blue denims. There are a lot of lady musicians who prefer those vintage denims, further pushing them immortal denims into ‘immortality’.

     - Michael Jackson, Thriller Jacket: That red jacket in the thriller video, damn! Now we are talking of some immortal jackets. The jacket was designed by the designer of “The raiders of the lost ark”, Indiana Jones. That apple red, black striped jacket contained multiple zips and the “M” logo. The immortality of that jacket is verified by the fact that even today’s musicians of the likes of Kanye West and Chris Brown regularly emulate that jacket. That Jacket is still worn by people all around the globe.

John Lennon: John Lennon was famous for ‘popular’ clothes. His “New York City” shirt is still remembered today. The other attire that John Lennon made famous and even immortal was his U.S Army jacket.It was also known as john Lenon jacket. It was considered to be Lennon’s favorite jacket as he was seen wearing that particular piece at casual places along with photo shoots and concerts. One American Army after returning from Vietnam is reported to have given that jacket to Lennon. That jacket contains a U.S Army patch on its left pocket. After Lennon’s constant wearing of the jacket, military jacket/shirt suddenly became popular. Even today, people don’t mind jackets of such type.