Layer Cake Jacket

The jackets made iconic by Daniel Craig this season

It’s never enough talking about how cool and sensational leather jackets are. They have been in fashion since a very, very long time. Leather jackets were made famous by many famous celebrities like Marlon Brando, Jon Bon Jovi, Daniel Craig etc. And this season is for the iconic layer cake jacket, the jacket made famous by Daniel Craig in the movie “Layer Cake”.

This jacket was worn by the actor in the movie to show himself as a gangster. As leather jackets have always been worn by gangsters in movies, this one is no exception.

Leather jacket is a perfect wear for this winter season. Various designs of leather jackets have been there in the market. But the simple yet dashing design of the layer cake jacket is unbeatable. Daniel Craig is one of the very fashionable actors, we have in Hollywood. And whatever he wears in his movies become the latest fashion trend. The Casino Royale shirts, shoes, and watches also had become the trend just because of him.

The fashion is fashion because the celebrities make them the fashion trend and the fans follow them. Leather jackets, pants, shoes, belts etc. have always been in the limelight just because of the celebrities. No matter what kind of clothes the celebs wear, that is the next trend. That is why; movies these days are more concerned in the costumes the actors wear in the movie because everyone knows everyone is going to follow it as it is.

The jackets or any costumes worn by any iconic actor like James Bond, Daniel Craig, Marlon Brando, etc. in their movies are copied by their fans as soon as they watch the movies. The tuxedos, leather jackets, coats, boots, watches etc. are such items mostly copied by the fans. The layer cake jacket worn by Daniel Craig in the movie has become a latest trend in similar way. His fans who respect him and want to look like him want the replicas of his jackets and the trend begins here.

Movies and celebs these days are worshipped as gods by their fans and whatever they do, the fans follow. There are a lot to learn from the celebs and movies and fashion is definitely one of those. Daniel Craig being one of the celebs having millions of fans, is watched by every fan of his. Whatever he wears is never hidden form the eyes of the media and his fans.

This season, keep calm and be ready to accept the new fashion trend set up by your favorite celebs and do not miss a chance to look like them. You may not be able to afford the original attires they wear, but you can easily find their replicas in any online stores. Style and fashion is something you always need to follow to make sure no one makes fun of you calling you a douche bag.

Winter is the season when you can flaunt the stylish jackets you favorite celebs have been wearing in your favorite movies. Different jackets are available. Choose the best one for you and show it off in front of your friends. And if you are a fan of Daniel Craig, the layer cake jacket is a must try. Go on and try as many types of jackets as you can! Be stylish, this winter!