Lethal Weapon Jacket

The latest celebrity jacket trends - The vintage movie jackets

We, as day to day people view celebrities as role model at least when it comes to fashion.  From jackets to boots what celebrities wear is much talked about in the entertainment business but it is not just because of whom they are, a lot of fashion items get popular through celebrities’ character in movies.  And leather is something that is popular among male actors and characters in the silver screen, here not trying to say It’s not popular among female and be sexist the idea is that there is some kind of male dominance in the origin of leather. So, there obviously is various leather products made famous by celebrities in movies.

Some have been regarded so iconic that since decades now they are valued as vintage, take the lethal weapon jacket worn by Mel Gibson or Bruce Will’s jacket from surrogates as examples and even better would be James dean’s red jacket from the movie rebel without a cause.

So today here we will be talking about the latest celebrity jackets and also take a sneak peek at the best in i.e. to say vintage movie jackets in history.

Top 3 latest celebrity jackets trends in 2014 – who wore what?

1. Jenifer Lopez’s classic and fur black biker jacket: The musical and movie star JLO wore a classic and fur black biker jacket looking both comfy and cute while she went for dinner at the cecconi’s restaurant.

Her leather biker jacket was made from calfskin in Moldova. She wore it on striped pants.

2. The Kim Vs Rihanna leather jacket at Givenchy : Both wore from the Givenchy collection outstanding leather jackets on a gown like dress which just proves how much of flexible leather jackets can be.

3. The Selena Gomez worn leather jacket at Givenchy show: leather biker jackets have been quite a hit among celebrities this year so like Kim and Rihanna , Selena also wore a black and long leather biker jacket on pants. She went all black with the look which added to perfection.

The top 3 vintage movie jackets:

1. Lethal weapon jackets:  The jackets worn by Mel Gibson in lethal weapon movies are treasure for guys and action flicks fan. The jacket is in black and white and has collar and front zip. This one will be recognized instantly when you wear it on the streets. People would probably go like “that’s the lethal weapon jacket, wow!.

2. The distressed jacket from Surrogates: Bruce Wills wore the distressed brown leather jackets in surrogates when saving the world from the robotic age and this one has been a vintage classic. The jacket looks tough as hell on anyone and gives you that manly touch anytime if you are losing it, you know and also it’s a vintage Bruce Will’s jacket you need no other reasons to go and get it.

3. The red James Dean jacket: In his last movie (before he died) ‘Rebel without a Cause’ James Dean wore the red leather jacket with has been iconic till date after all these years as well.

The another most important thing to remember is that leather gets  better as it ages so do not try to go cheap , you can do your bargain but if you want the exact replica of vintage jackets and in good quality that you can flaunt for years to come, invest on it.