Marlon Brando Leather Jacket

Style in Movie - the iconic leather look- the past and present

Movies and TV are the fastest medium for news transfer, communication and entertainment. Movies are the best ways to tell someone’s story and convey any social message and how could we forget entertainment.

Thousands of movies of different genres are made every year. Countless movies have been made till date. Every movie has some message to convey and something to teach. It can be some moral values, or any awareness related to social issues or someone’s life, history or anything else. And most importantly, movies have been always influencing the fashion industry, either this way or that way. Fashion is a popular style that you follow, basically related to clothes, footwear’s, make up, accessories etc. And these are definitely affected by the way the celebs dress in the movies.

There was an era when movies related to the World War were made because the world was still lamenting the loss made by the war. Then there was an era when the movies were more related to politics, mafia and definitely love stories were there. In every era, there was a unique sense of fashion. Among these, the one style that still has impact on the silver screen is the fashion of leather jackets. Leather jackets were first introduced to the silver screen during 1900s and since then everybody has loved these jackets. A specific type of leather biker jacket was introduced to the silver screen in 1953 through the movie “The Wild One”. That jacket was worn by the great legend, Marlon Brando. Ever since the jacket has been famous with the name “Marlon Brando leather jackets”.

Marlon Brando, best known for his roles in movies like The Godfather, The Wild One etc., is a very well-known name in Hollywood and all over the world. And because of him the leather jacket trend became even more famous and dear to every guy especially bikers. The cool biker jacket has been in trend ever since then and till date it is worn by many celebs including our rock star Rihanna. Nothing is as cool as flaunting the biker leather jacket on top of a skinny or ripped pants. Many brands have made many designs and made many modifications to the old designs of the jacket. But nothing can beat the style and attitude that Marlon Brando leather jackets depicts in a person.

Biker jackets are not limited only to men. Women are also no less. Ever since 1950s women have also been flaunting the leather biker jackets and must say, they have never failed in looking cool showing off their attitude. The leather jackets have been a very trendy and cool stuff to wear these days. Every other celeb is seen wearing these kinds of jackets in various designs. And this definitely has made a great impact on many of their fans who want to be like them. The silver screen is still full of actors and singers who love themselves in leather jackets. Ian Some ralder, who plays the role of Damon Salvatore in the TV series The Vampire Diaries is always seen wearing a stunning leather jacket and no one can carry that jacket as coolly as he does.

The trend of leather jackets is never new or old. It just is there and will always be there, as stylish as ever!