Matthew Mcconaughey Jacket

What celebrity jackets fans prefer the most and why?

The charm of celluloid life has always allured millions of people all around the globe. Be it to get away from all the day to day hassles or just simply to get some quick entertainment, people often take resort to movies and cinema. So, its only natural for people to want to get their wardrobe updated with the latest trend in movies. They want to dress as cool as their favorite celebrity. People often go with the celebrities that are most famous in a certain season.

When the movie The Dark Knight Rises was released, the jacket worn by the villain Bane was a very common sight on the roads. People seemed to enjoy getting the aura of the villain simply by putting on the jacket. Similarly, after his latest academy award win for best actor and his role in probably the biggest picture of the year that is Interstellar, Matthew McConaughey seems to be the people’s popular choice. It has become a cool style to wear Matthew McConaughey jackets.

Here are some celebrity jackets that fans prefer the most:

1. Matrix jackets:

When a certain hacker who is initially a nobody, gets chosen as the one and gets super human powers to kick some ass, people went crazy and there was a cult like fan following of the character Neo played by the very handsome Keanu Reeves. His signature get-up black long overcoat, with black boots and also the black shades. Fans of all gender and age seemed to get over their heels for the looks of the character. People are still seen trying to get their style from the movie.

2. Wolverine Jackets:

When it comes to superheroes, Wolverine is most probably the meanest of the bunch. That only adds to the charisma of the character. The other thing that makes him look a badass is the leather jacket on his back. In all the movies, Wolverine is seen wearing the jacket tempting all the fans to dress in a similar manner.

3. McConaughey Fever:

This is the guy who can give justice to any and all styles. He can pull off the rugged look of Mud with only a plain white shirt as well as a bare chested look of Magic Mike. Inspiration to the male fans and attraction to the female fans, he can get in any character easily. After winning the oscar award for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, his popularity has sky rocketed and seems unstoppable at this point. His role in the movie Interstellar just seems to verify the fact. This has made the Matthew McConaughey Jackets a favorite among the fans’ choice.

4. Sherlock BBC:

The character has been played by numerous actors over the past years. But no one has even come close to the enormous popularity gained by the dashing Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s Sherlock. As iconic as the character itself is the black overcoat worn by the character. He puts on the coat/ jacket in order to get ready to solve the most perplexing puzzles and cases and fans only want more of that.

5. The girl with the dragon tattoo and a leather jacket:

When it comes to jackets, leading ladies in the movies are also not behind any leading men. One such example is the character portrayed by Rooney Mara in the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo based on the novel of the same name. She completes her gothic emo look with a black leather jacket complimenting her fierce personality and getting fans to look up to her.