Max Payne Jacket

Movie character inspired jackets- the ones which are in trends this season

In this season there are a variety of trendy leather jackets that are worn in order to show case fashion and style. The most popular trend is the leather jackets that are worn by most of the movie characters. These leather jackets not only describe the character that they present but also the intended impressive look. Most of the people therefore prefer the leather jackets worn by the movie characters. There are a number of star characters whose leather jackets stand out.

Max Payne leather jacket

The Max Payne jacket is considered as one of the most classy looking leather jackets. The jacket is never outdated because of the amazing features that it has. It is made of highly and classic pure leather. The leather jacket has a front line button and a material lining that is usually quilted. The collar is that of the lithe shaped and comes in different sizes. The Max Payne jacket is highly preferred by most of the people because of its durability and the effective price. In spite of it being cheap, the leather jacket can be worn on all the occasions and all year round. Therefore trying out this leather jacket is worth it.

Cliff leather jacket

This leather jacket is presently on fashion today because of the character that it brought out on Cliff. The leather jacket sharpens the outer look bringing out the boldness that is required. The features that make it to impress is the fact that it has a detachable leather flap, front buttons are adjustable and has a front zipper and two diagonal pockets with zips. The amazing thing about the jacket is that it has belts. The shirt style collar ensures that one is comfortable enough to carry on with the day. It also has cuffs and is brown in color. People are therefore encouraged to try it out because of its flirty appearance.

Michael Schwarzenegger leather jacket

The motorbike leather jacket that this character wears is described as the most viscose leather jacket because of its high class. It is meant to insinuate toughness and courage. Te jacket has a lapel collar that is snap studded with an asymmetrical closure. The waist is quite impressive since it has belts and buckles with an additional three zip pockets. It is well stitched and this ensures that one attains the deserved sophisticated look.

John Travolta leather jacket

This one of the latest leather jackets that is highly stylish. The jacket has a front closure and the sleeves are slanted with open hem cuffs. The leather jacket is highly detailed and has chest zipper pockets and waist flap pockets. The unique feature about the leather jacket is the presence of the double collar. The leather jacket is appropriate especially when worn on casual occasions. It also displays the smart look when worn with a pair of jeans and a t shirt.

Tom hardy leather jacket

This is another jacket inspired by one of the famous characters. The leather jacket has a belt adjustment and the front has a zip closure. The amazing thing is the presence of the four pockets and the sleeves that has cuffs on either side. The leather jacket brings out the masculine, bravery and daring look when worn. The broad collar is also important since it gives the opportunity of wearing in adverse cold weather conditions.