Resident Evil Jacket

Wear your icons style: the movie and video games inspired jackets of this season

In today’s era one is usually identified by the fashion that they wear. The idea behind fashion and style is inspiration and it is evident that everybody is inspired by different factors. The most popular trend is that most of the people follow certain iconic gurus in the fashion world. They don’t just wear what the icons prefer but follow their trends daily.

One interesting thing is that one can be glued to the movies and the video games not for the reason of being entertained but to get the glimpse of the fashion trend worn. The attire that is usually preferred is the leather jackets attire.

What types are available?

There are several styles that different icons wear in these two entertaining sectors. The most common one for most of the video games is the resident evil jacket. This type of leather jacket is quite popular because of the uniqueness in terms of its design. The resident evil jacket is made of synthetic leather, it has four flapped pockets with an additional two zip pockets and two inside pockets. The type of closure on its front is the zipper type and what makes it stand out from the rest is the premium stitching on the arms length.

The other amazing characteristic about the resident evil jacket is the presence of the cuffs on the sides and the shirt like collar. When worn, the jacket gives one a certain sophisticated look making it to be the popularly worn leather jacket among the youth.

The other video game inspired leather jackets include the belted trench leather jackets, the creed styled leather jacket and the black swaggered up bomber jacket.

In movies the most inspirational leather jackets include the iron man leather jacket. The jacket is preferred because of its design and the fact that it fits well when worn. The leather jacket that is worn in the X Men’s movie is also popular among the male because of the classy and trendy look that they have.

When to wear the icons’ fashion

The best thing about the iconic inspirational leather jackets is the fact that they clearly identify the most appropriate places to wear them. For instance the iron man jacket is best for the casual occasions because of its flirty look. The fact that it also has swipes and side zippers makes them to be more appropriate. The other thing to consider is the color of choice; the black color is the safest color to go for. This is because it can be worn with whichever attire without suppressing the dress code description.

In addition it is important wear what interests among all the icons choice. It is not right to wear whatever the fashion icons have on because some of the leather jackets depend on one’s body type and skin tone. Apart from wearing whatever suite=s best it is fundamental to have a proper understanding of the all the available types of the leather jackets that are available in the market.

In this season, there are lots of inspirational leather jackets especially from movies and video games. The only secret behind dressing right is to ensure that the best of the best is acquired regardless of the price tags and labels on them.