Rocky Jacket

Iconic leather jackets made popular by movie icons: the top 5

Leather jackets are a timeless piece of attire. The use of leather jackets existed even at the time of World War I. But most of these jackets are made a valuable item of fashion by movie icons. These icons take these styles to the general public. Some of these leather jacket trends are discussed   below.

Bomber Leather Jacket

Bomber leather jacket or flight jacket was originally made for pilots who participated in World War I for protecting pilot from adverse weather as they had to fly from open cockpit. However, this style of jacket gained popularity among common people after the release of the movie Rocky Balboa. The movie Rocky Balboa is still remembered for the iconic rocky jacket that Sylvester Stallone wore in that classic. It is this jacket that gave the style in the character ‘Rocky’. One of the most striking features of the rocky jacket is the white fleece on the lower end, collar and cuffs. The patches on the shoulder give an extra effect to the jacket. The jacket imitates Stallone’s strong masculine personality and provides a sophisticated look. Similar outfit was also used in the movie Top Gun.

Leather Adventure jacket

From several past decades, in fact from the time of World War I, adventurers have worn leather jackets on the various expeditions they go to. This classic style jacket has been inspired from both civilian and military jackets. But this style of jacket came into spotlight after Harrison Ford wore it in the movie Indiana Jones. This was the time when people really embraced and admired this classic style. This jacket depicts what archeologist or any adventure seeking person goes through while digging secrets: worn in, beaten, bruised, weathered, scratched and rough.  It in fact looks cooler as time goes by, but never does it go out of fashion.

Black leather motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets were inspired from pilots and soldiers in the post World War I period. This style of jacket depicts adventure and speed. The black colored motorcycle leather jacket became popular when Marlon Brando displayed it in his movie ‘The Wild One’. The movie ‘The Wild One’ has a lot to do with promoting black leather motorcycle jacket. The character Brando made this jacket iconic. Now this is a common form of jacket worn by punks, rebels, bikers and ruffians. Although these black motorcycle jackets are worn mainly for the purpose of fashion, but it also provides a protective measure for the motorcycle riders. These jackets are thick and heavy and protect riders from injuries.

Harrington Jacket or the Baracuta-style jacket

It is said that the first Harrington jacket was designed in England. It is a waist-length leather jacket with a straight collar. Jim Stark wore a red Baracuta-style jacket in the movie ‘Rebel without a cause’. It is assumed that this movie made this style of leather jacket iconic and is now a favorite among movie stars like Daniel Craig and Steve McQueen.

Trench coat

Trench coats became popular after World War II. This was originally used as an army officers’ uniform. Rick Blaine’s Casablanca and Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau made this style popular in general public.

These fashion trends will never die out. Whenever people see these jackets, they remember their movie icons wearing it and gets inspired to own a piece themselves. Movies play a huge role in disseminating fashion to general public.