Skyfall Jacket

The James Bond movie jackets – the evolution in trends

It is a wonder how the James Bond jacket has evolved over time. James Bond is a character that every man wishes to be. Bond is skilled with lethal weapon and fast cars and it is this charm that has attracted Bond fans for so many years. Costume worn by Bond has always been talked about in the fashion industry. Especially, the jackets Bond wears in each film becomes iconic and that year’s fashion statement.

Bond films are always stylish and a lot of credit goes to the jackets that Bond wears in these films. The trend of jackets started in 1962 with Dr. No. A midnight-blue dinner jacket caught everyone’ eyes. The jacket is single-breasted, with a shawl collar and the cuffs are of satin. In 1963 also Bond was spotted in a similar jacket. It was a faux jacket, midnight blue in color, a narrow collar, and satin cuffs.  Ivory jacket was the attraction of 1964’s Goldfinger. This ivory jacket was single breasted with shawl collars and the look of Bond in this outfit was breathtaking. In Thunder ball (1965), Bond wore another midnight-blue jacket with a similar shawl collar like the previous one.

In the late 60s, the design of the jackets became more formal. Tuxedo style jackets were emphasized in Sean Connery films. Double-breasted jackets were the styles of Roger Moore films in the late 70s and early 80s. Unlike the shawl collar style of previous films, this era’s prominent styles were oversized collar. Roger Moore wore a white jacket in 1974 and a midnight blue double-breasted jacket in 1977. In 1981, the trend of double-breasted jackets came to a halt; instead single-breasted notched collar jacket was seen. In the next film also Bond was spotted on a white colored single-breasted jacket. In the late 80s trend of double-breasted jacket and midnight color reappeared. White jacket also remained in trend. In his later films Bond wore a black jacket with notched collar and padded shoulders. The jacket also had dark studs.

The 90’s Bond jackets were of a more casual style. In ‘Golden Eye’, Bond was seen wearing a single-breasted jacket with peaked lapel with a matching waist coat. In the next series, he wore a midnight blue double-breasted waist coat. Daniel Craig in his film Casino Royale (2006) wore a black single breasted tuxedo style jacket with peaked collar. Shawl styled collar reappeared in his next film where he was seen wearing a midnight blue colored jacket having gauntlet cuffs. The Skyfall jacket is the recent craze of Bond collection. It is a very stylish midnight blue colored jacket. The length of the Skyfall jacket was shorted than those of the previous two Bond series. It was a tuxedo style jacket with front buttons for a perfect shape. In this movie Bond was seen to change his attire according to location. In London he was seen in a gray colored sharkskin jacket and dark colored pinstriped three-buttoned jacket. In the Scottish country side he was seen in a casual flight jacket. Later, he was seen in a cotton parka. Unlike his previous Bond series where he wore two-button jackets having double vent at the back, Skyfall jacket is three-buttoned and has single vent at the back.

In majority of the Bond films, midnight blue was a prominent color acting as an amazing substitute to black. In fact, this color is considered more formal. The outfit of James Bond is the reflection of a modern gentleman’s attire. Wearing a Bond jacket gives you confidence, politeness, strength and style.