Steve Mcqueen Jacket

Biker jackets made iconic by movie stars

Have you seen enough movies with motorcycle-riding protagonist throughout the entire stretch of the film? These films undoubtedly popularized the biker jackets one way or another. Most riders who want to ride in style usually don leather biker jackets. Who can ever forget the iconic steve mcqueen jacket worn by the characters Wyatt and Billy from the movie ‘Easy Rider?’ Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper definitely continued the trend set out by the avid motorcycle racer and actor Terrence Steven McQueen after this film. Not only that, Marlon Brando who lead Black Rebels Motorcycle Club from the film ‘The Wild One’ and James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ also appeared on a highly acclaimed biker attire that changed the way we look at movies with motorcycle riding themes.Still haven’t seen enough? Read along and find out more.

Girl on a Motorcycle

The biker getup for women was popularized by Marianne Faithful as the girl who left the wedded bliss too soon to embark on a journey looking for her former flame. Not quite an ideal storyline but nevertheless celebrated the significance of taking second chances.

Tip: Biker jackets for women are no longer limited for those who ride motorcycles. In fashion, there is a cult for ‘biker chic’ dressing that exudes a street-smart appeal.

Knight riders

Ed Harris starred in this original story about a modern-day biker group with the philosophical inspiration of the Arthurian Legend, Knights of the Round Table.

The biker jackets in the movie are overstated-looking knight armors, which are quite fascinating if you’re a kid during the eighties. Who says Camelot is just a state of mind? Anyone?

Tip: Most biker jackets are made from thick fabrics or leather. The jackets come with many pockets for storage. Riding jackets are designed with articulated sleeves to adapt to the natural curve of your arm for comfort.

Born to Ride

John Stamos portrays a motorcycle mechanic rider in this nineties movie set in World War II. This is an action packed motorcycle film that showcased the actor in black biker jacket that emanates a born to break the rule kind of attitude.

Tip: If you’re choosing for a biker jacket, you should look into the fit and the fabric. A good riding jacket should not restrict your movements and must have enough room for something to be worn underneath. It should be versatile for all types of weather, as you will be spending most of the time wearing it outdoor.

Roadside Prophets

This movie is reminiscent of the motorcycle themed Easy Rider and Twin Peaks. The beastie boys Adam Horovitz and John Doe are on a motorcycle road trip throughout the film. The actors put on unconventional biker get up for this film, though. While you will see a leather jacket donning character, one can’t help but notice a denim jacketand a checkered button down shirt worn for cruising the desert. This can be a new fashion statement for easy riding perhaps?

Tip: If you’re searching for the right fabric for biker outerwear, the classic choice is usually made of leather. Aside from making a statement, leather jackets are designed to shield the rider from scratches. Many movie stars popularized the biker jackets as seen in the movies way back from the time of James Dean in a steve mcqueen jacket up to the latest films in Hollywood where motorbikes take the center stage.