Surrogates Jacket

The new trends in celebrity leather jackets this season collection

Leather jackets are a rage in glamour world and on the streets this year. From day to day people to red carpet celebrities, it seems like nobody is having enough of the leather jackets.

And with celebrities being spotted with leather jackets on both off and on screen, the trend of people going for leather jackets worn by celebrities is increasing. Either because the character played by celebrities is your favourite and you want to have the possession over the jacket of the character they play.  There have been so many iconic jackets in demand highly from decades ago till now. You can get the look of your favourite character or celebrity and be that confident head walking the streets. Also, you might make few heads turn to your side. A good look comes with a good style and no other better way to style up than with your favourite celebrity jackets. Here you will see the in demand surrogates leather jackets for this season:

1. Bruce wills surrogates jackets:  Bruce will is till date taken as an unforgettable action hero. The movie surrogates had him star as Tom Geer where he is fighting to save the real world from AI implicated world. Now, action heroes are trendy too and the leather jacket distressed he wore with a French beard in the movie is to kill for tough guy look. Surrogates jackets are one of the most iconic pieces you can own. This jacket brings the badass in you.

2. Wolverine jacket: Hugh Jackman played Logan in the X-men origins and he wore a leather jacket having shoulder detail of colour red and the jacket at once became iconic. This can be another choice for you.

3. Fight club jacket: Worn by Brad Pitt in Fight club, the leather jacket inspired by the coat look is one of the most popular choices you have in celebrity leather jackets this season.

4. Life on Mars jacket: Worn by character Sam Tyler played by John Simms in the series, this longer than the usual celebrity jackets but not a long leather jacket, it falls just a little down from waist. This is very trendy and just right for the coming up winter.

5. Mission impossible jacket: the MI 3 tom cruise jacket is one of the highly ever in demand jacket, it’s in for this season too. This looks boyish and manly at the same time and is a great option this season if you already do not have it.

These are your main choices this season on celebrity inspired leather jackets but this does not mean these are the only options. You can look into more options. Now the thing to take care of while wearing these kinds of jackets is that if you want to  sport a celebrity look alike look then try matching other stuff like shoes or pants or haircuts. But if you want to make a statement yourself then add to the look with your personalised choices in paring the jacket. Like in Bruce wills surrogates jackets, you can spot a French beard and go matching or you can have a different beard cut that suits you and redefine the whole look. Anny which way, go with the celebrity jackets this season to create a stir.