The Crow Jacket

The leather garments made evergreen by movie personalities

For generations, movies have been setting the trend on fashion styles and inspiring people specially youngsters and even adults to dress according to their favorite characters in the movies. Out of all the garments used in the movies, one such garment that has never been out of fashion is leather.

Leather jackets are made from the hide or skin of various animals like buffalo, cow, sheep, antelope etc.

The different materials used provide varying features of the garment like texture, feel, color, etc.

Stylish, comfortable, eye catching and useful in multiple casual situations are among some reasons that the leather garments are extremely popular and never out of fashion.

Movies have played a large part in increasing the popularity and demand of the leather garments among the general population. Watching their favorite macho protagonists or even antagonists donning the very stylish jackets makes people long for similar looks. The popularity of the leather garments seems to start as early as 1940s in Hollywood by the likes of Jimmy Stewart who dazzled the public with his portrayal of U.S. bombing squadron during World War II in Night Passage (1957).

Following are a few examples of the movie personalities that made the leather garments evergreen.

1. Indiana Jones Jacket:

Indiana Jones is one of the most famous and iconic fantasy characters who has made the rough and tough look of leather jackets seem cool and intimidating at the same time. The character has been revived in four movies and in each and every one of them, our favorite Indy can be seen in his now famous Indiana Jones Jacket.

2. Tyler Durden in Fight Club:

Fight club is now regarded as a cult movie with fans as die hard as can be. It introduced cinemas’ one of the most iconic and psychotic character – Tyler Durden played by the very mesmerizing Brad Pitt. The character is seen wearing a very stylish brown leather jackets that show cases its cool and breezy nature perfectly.

3. Eric Draven in The Crow:

The character of Eric Draven portrayed by Brandon Lee in the movie – The Crow has a very classy long leather jacket now famous as the crow jacket.

This is the perfect jacket to look out if one is going for a cool and hip look. Anybody wearing the Crow jacket is sure to catch the spectators’ eyes even in a crowd.

4. Maverick in Top Gun:

Ladies, be ready to calm yourself down after seeing this young Tom Cruise donning the very stylish and authoritative G1 bomber jacket in the hit movie Top Gun. The young man with a mysterious gaze, a fighter pilot with a cool bike and the leather jacket is the perfect recopy for the fans to go crazy about their fantasy. Women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him.

5. Star Lord In Guardians of the Galaxy:

The popularity of leather jackets has only increased over the time. In this recent mega blockbuster, the very charismatic Star Lord takes the meaning of cool leather to a whole new galaxy. The dark brown leather jacket now has been a fashion statement among the youngsters and adults alike when they are going for a cool look.

These are only a few examples among the vast group of movie stars who have remarkably dazzled the public with their persona and fashion trend involving a leather jacket. There are several other actors who have contributed to skyrocket the popularity of leather garments to a whole another level. Movie personalities have played truly a great part in keeping the trend of leather garments evergreen.