Thriller Jacket

Michael Jackson style statement - The evergreen fashion trends set by him

Michael Jackson was an undisputed King of pop. The superstar won 13 Grammy awards and released best-selling albums. Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest in 2009.Michael’s contribution in dance, music, movies and fashion made him an international figure for several years. It’s been five years since the king of pop died, but Michael’s legacy still lives on. He is one of the major superstars who have influenced the world. There are many pieces the superstar wore many years ago and still they are fashionable.

The King of Pop never followed trends, but he was a trend setter. For instance, he was frequently seen in one glove, which influenced many people all over the world. Here are some of the evergreen fashion trends set by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

Jackson’s Thriller jacket is an iconic red jacket which Michael Jackson wore in the Thriller video. In 2011, the Thriller jacket was action for over $1.8 million. The iconic jacket was designed by a popular costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis, who also designed the Indiana Jones jacket which was used in the movie Raiders of the lost Ark. The guy who bought the jacket describe it has the best jacket for rock and roll. The jacket made Michael Jackson look stylish and reinforced his role in the Thriller. The jacket was one of the hottest outfits in the 80’s and it still widely emulated by Superstars like Kanye west and Chris Brown.

Michael Jackson Military jackets

Michael Jackson’s military Jackets, is one of the jackets which was influenced by the pop star during the 90’s.The jacket still makes a statement and celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna at one point declared their love for this outstanding outfits.

Michael Jackson Sequined glove

Michael Jackson single glittering glove was one of MJ’s trademarks that gave him a crazy look. This style has been emulated by celebs like Beyonce, Usher and Lady Gaga.

Michael Jackson Punk biker

In 1987 Michael Jackson released the album Bad Out, he was seen in a black buckled jacket, skinny jeans and studded belt. These styles influenced the fashion of the 80’s and its still trending today.

Michael Jackson Suit up

Michael Jackson sometimes pulled an elegant look in a tuxedo suits, black shoes, pegged pants and star white socks. The current fashion trends borrowed most of Michael Jackson’s signature.

Michael Jackson Metallic Outfit

Michael Jackson was one of the pioneers of metallic outfits. He was often seen in this iridescent outfit that gave him a futuristic look. Many stores around the world stock this expensive outfit.

Michael Jackson Bold stripes

MJ in the 70’s was known to wear bellbottoms, platform shoes and fringed shirts. He inspired zebra stripes outfit on stages. Many people copied his styles especially the teenagers.

Michael Jackson Aviator Sunglasses

 MJ was sometimes seen in aviator’s sunglasses and a fedora hat. He was given credit for influencing this style to many teenagers all over the world. Considering he has a massive fan base among the teens. Michael Jackson Inspiration for designers

There are several fashion designers in the world who design clothing which were inspired by the King of Pop. Michael Jackson never disappoint when it comes to fashion, he always look stunning off the stage and on the stage.