Wesley Gibson Jacket

Celebrity leather garments which made iconic style statement

There are several celebrities who featured in some of the best movies, which makes viewers watch them over and over again. The actors are seen in attires like the jeans and classy leather jackets which makes gives them an outstanding looks, These celebs have left a mark in the fashion industry, by coming up with iconic styles that made statements.

There are hundreds of movies in the Hollywood, but some of the movies managed to capture viewer’s attention because of the catchy and witty actors, who take advantage of the role given, by giving their best, thus the attire they wear in the movies ends up influencing the fashion trends. Here are some of the celebrities who made iconic statements.

Wesley Gibson jacket

Wesley Gibson is one of the iconic superstars. The actor has been featured in several blockbuster movies. Gibson played the role of James McAvoy in one of the common movie he acted “Wanted “introduced the trademark Green Wesley Gibson Leather Jacket. The wesley gibson jacket became popular to the viewers because of its design.wesly gibson jacket is made a major statements after the movie Wanted and this made it one of the iconic style inspired by Gibson.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Leather Jacket

Hollywood stylish leather jackets like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Leather Jackets are admired by many people, because this jacket was inspired by the legendary superstar Schwarzenegger, who has been in the film industry for decades. The actor has given superb performance in the Terminator Series. The terrify outfit worn by the Terminator has been one of the most popular and outstanding jackets. The replica is made from 100% leather and you can get one of this jackets which will make you look fabulous in most events.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Leather Jacket

This is one of the iconic leather jackets which were inspired by Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club. The red Leather jacket was made by high-tech designers, Brad Pitt is seen in this cool and stylish leather jacket which has took the fashion industry by storm.

Johnny Strabler Leather Jacket

The Johnny strabler leather jacket is one of the most popular jackets, which gives a bad boy look in movies. The Brando’s biker strabler jacket has a trademark Johnny, and its one of the popular trademarks that has make a mark in the fashion industry. The trend setting jackets is still popular to date.

Sylvester Stallone Bomber Leather Jacket

Sylvester Stallone is known for wearing combat attire in movies. The actor has acted many films for several years and he is still get roles in the 21st century like the expendables. Sylvester Stallion inspired the Balboa Stallone Bomber Jacket which was popularized by the movie Rocky IV.The heart-touching movie is still fresh to many fans of his. Stallion’s role in the movie brings a style which is fascinating and loved by many people. The Sylvester Stallion Balboa Bomber Leather Jacket is not only poplar amongst his fans but also to fashion lovers.

Indiana Jones Leather Jacket

The Indiana Jones leather jackets which was inspired by Harris Ford in the raider of the lost ark. The character as always been known for wearing iconic leather jackets in movies. Harris Ford inspired the fashion industry with this classy and outstanding leather jacket. If you are a fan of leather jackets, this is definitely one of the best inspired leather jackets.