X Men First Class Leather Jacket

The movie characters which made style statement this season- the best 5

Celebrities especially from the Hollywood have a strong influence on the fashion industry, whenever these celebs critic or react to anything that people wear, it creates a big fuss, thus creating trending topics on social media and sooner or later it spread like bush fire. Jeans and leather jackets are the most common attire in movies. These celebs are the trend setters because whatever they wear on movies influences the fashion industry because people want to have a superstar look. Fashion designers are very keen to details, whenever they are watching these movies. Their key objective is to designed outstanding outfits from iconic Hollywood superstars. Here are top 5 movie characters that made stylish statements this season.

Kristen Stewart (Joan Jet)

Kristen Stewart has always been the epitome of fashion. Stewart has an amazing wardrobe collation because she always gorgeous in most of her movies. The Runaways Kristen Steward Jacket is a real leather jacket with viscose lining. The jacket was inspired by the character Joan Jet in the movie Runaway. You can get this spectacular jacket to look glamorous like the superstar. The jacket is designed by expert fashion designers.

Michael Fassbender

The X Men First Class Leather Jacket was inspired by Michael Fassbender in the movie First Class. X-men have had a great success in the movie industry. In the movie First Class, Michael Fassbender was seen in this elegant brown X-Men First Class Leather jacket. There are several replicas of this jacketin popular store in the world. Fans of the popular blockbuster movie can have a super heroic feeling in this inspired jacket.

Ice Cube

Ice cube is a famous rapper, actor and produce. He is one of the richest and the most influential actors in the Movie industry. Celebrity outfits like the Ice cube jacket, is certainly a perfect choice, this is because of the hit movie 22 jump street, which was acted by the famous actor. The actor is one of the best in the Hollywood, he is known for his advance styles and outstanding performance in movies. The jacket he wore on the movie 22 jump street has impacted the lifestyle of many people.The replicas jackets of ice cube jackets are made of 100% leather. This leather jackets not only gives you superior look but also makes you look fabulous. You can wear this jacket in either casual events or informal events of any sort.

Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans)

The 1ST Avenger (Captain America) is one of the most popular blockbuster movies which hit the film industry. Chris Evans played the leading role of Steve Rodgers in the movie. The character inspired the Captain America Leather Jacket, this jacket is a made from superior leather and it gives him a heroic look as he helps U.S.A win World War II in the movie.

Russell Crowe (Bane Wade)

In the movie 3:10 to Yuma acted by Bane Wade, who played as Russell Crowe. He mesmerized viewers with his Yuma Charlie Prince Leather Jacket. The stylish jacket is definitely your wardrobes masterpiece. Men in this jacket have an appealing and tremendous look. Despite it being an expensive jacket, it can last for many years.

Without these celebrities, the world will be a very dull, boring place. Thanks to them that we get entertainment and new ideas in the fashion industry.