Zac Efron Leather Jacket

Popular soap operas which inspired leather jacket trends

There is more to Zac Efron than his role portrayal as Troy Bolton from the High School Musical series. The talented young actor started on the TV soap operas at an early age, from Disney’s ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, to the Summerland, The Guardian, CSI: Miami, ER, and NCIS.

But other than a stellar career both on television and movies, this actor has proven something as well in the highly dynamic fashion realm.

His leather jackets are making a fashion statement everywhere he goes whether on a bike ride or on a date. No doubt a zac efron leather jacket transpired, not only for ‘zac wannabe’s’ but also for those with style taste. What’s with TV personalities, soap operas and the leather jackets they’re wearing? Let’s take a look what else on TV made a mark on leather jacket trends.

Colton Haynes Jacket from the ‘Arrow’

Colton Haynes started out with the TV series Teen Wolf, Melrose Place, Pushing Daisies and the Gates. His role in the superhero drama  ‘Arrow’ as Roy Harper who wears a red hooded leather jacket becomes a sensational hit. The jacket fit the role of a fearless protégé of the tycoon playboy Oliver Queen. The leather jacket in the sci-fi inspired series consists of intricate shoelace patterns of black that adorns both arms and chest.

Katherine Heigl Jacket from the ‘State of Affairs’

Katherine Heigl rose to fame from the soap opera hit “Greys Anatomy’. Currently, she’s making the short black blazer leather coat prevalent just from the promotions of the upcoming political TV series, ‘State of Affairs’.  Although the pilot episode is yet to be aired this November, her intriguing role as a CIA analyst sparked the interest of fashion-inclined ladies when it comes to Heigl’s wardrobe in the espionage thriller. The black leather jacket with white piping she wore on one of the episodes is something to watch out for.

Tracy Spiridakos Jacket from the ‘Revolution’

Tracy Spiridakos starred in the now defunct yet still popular post apocalyptic sci-fi drama series ‘Revolution’. Her role as ‘Charlie’ will always be reminisced with her donning a chestnut brown leather jacket in the early episodes.  Her remorseful character in the futuristic adventure soap opera befits the distressed leather of the jacket that seemed to look like vintage in the year 2027 setting.

David Morrissey Jacket as the Governor from ‘The Walking Dead’

The serial horror drama’s fourth series showed some episodes with the Governor wearing a stylish black leather jacket. If you’re a fan of leather jackets, you can’t help but admire the button down hardware details in spite of the antagonist character role of David Morissey.


Rose Hathaway Jacket from ‘The Vampire Academy’

Based on the romance novel by Richelle Mead, the interpretative fantasy horror film shows Hathaway in a finely detailed black quilted leather jacket. Rose Hathaway’s narrative role from the Vampire Academy film series gained applause not only for her portrayal but also for her iconic dressing.

Alexander Skarsgard jacket from the ‘True Blood’

Alexander Skarsgard portrays one of the main characters from the popular supernatural drama series ‘True Blood’. Inspired from the series of novels about ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’, his role as Eric Northman shows him as a vampire Sheriff decked in a black leather jacket with slightly raised round collar. In no time, the jacket became a must-have just like a zac efron leather jacket.