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The new features in this year branded biker jackets

Did you know that there are countless of reasons why choosing the right features for biker jacket is important? Aside from pants and helmet as part of the protective gear, biker jackets provide safety for the rider from high impact falls or crashes. No wonder why some branded biker jackets comes with armor feature for added protection. This year, popular brands in the market like bmw jacket have several new features to ensure comfort and safety before you hit the road. Follow us as we explore the latest features inbranded biker jackets.


Looking for the perfect fitting biker jacket is important for comfort. Riders sit in various positions customary to the design of a motorbike. If the jacket is too large, the armor may not line up properly. A retro type seamlessly snuggles to the body but may not be flexible enough for stretching arms to the front. You may find it tough to grab the handlebars as you lean forward to take the ride. Choosing sports or racing biker jackets delivers better reinforcement for crotch rocket motorcycles.

Tip: Branded biker jackets are made with expensive materials. Some features come with a self-inflating airbag system to ensure the rider the highest level of protection.

All Weather

You don’t need several jackets for every season to adapt to the different types of weather. You just need to remove or add a liner underneath for summer or winter. Biker jackets come with a detachable interior cloth that uses snaps or zippers so you won’t need another pair just because the seasons are changing.

Tip: Riding in comfort need more than just protection. It is essential to keep warm, cool and dry as you head out the road. Branded biker jackets come with breathable and water proof materials to make way for a cozy ride.


Sporting a biker jacket can cause excessive sweating. Branded biker jackets come with vents to help thwart heat exhaustion. These breathable vents are cleverly placed at the back, under the arms and on the shoulders.

Tip: Did you know the different materials used in your biker jacket? These jackets can either be made of leather, denim or polyester fabric. Not only that, did you even know so many types of biker jackets ever existed? Apart from the very basic Traditional style, some even come with hydrating system used for Touring. Other types are the so-called Rain, Retro, Sport and the ever-fashionable Classic.


Do you ever wish you had plenty of compartments to store your wallet, phone or key? Branded biker jackets are designed with impeccably placed pockets to secure all your necessities for a perfect ride. These pockets are easy to reach with zips or flaps to keep your knick-knacks from flying off.

Tip: If you need a larger storage, you can always carry a backpack or put on a pair of side bags to secure your belongings. Beyond all the many features of branded biker jackets, remember that protection comes as number one priority. At the end of the day, it’s not the brand that counts. Whether you’re donning a bmw jacket or an inexpensive gear, it is important that your jacket provide the highest amount of protection for your back, chest, shoulders and elbows. Next time you gear up for your cross-country road trips or races perhaps, keep these simple tips in mind.