Ducati Jacket

Stylish, funky and loaded with latest technology--The new biker jackets of this season

If you are looking to add some edge to your road gear this season the new AW14 jackets are loaded with style and the latest technology to keep you safe on the road or track.From the wealth of brands available for riders the heritage brand Ducati remains on top of the trends with its new season range with their lines updated for both track ready and roadside styles.  Loaded with the latest technology to keep you safe, the brand has raise its fashion stakes to improve the style and upscale the wearer’s urban credentials.  With both the Corse and Company lines updated for autumn the new biker jackets of the season look set to be staple pieces in many a rider’s wardrobe.

First up for the revamp is the Ducati jacket line called corse. The corse line for both men and women continues to be the outstanding race ready jacket of choice and a core piece to the brands apparel. Iconic, stylish and well-fitted the expensive line wears well both on the streets and in the countryside.  The Italian craftsmanship of Ducati remains impeccable with the contemporary design style and branded elements adding to the overall elevation of the classic style.  This fall the addition of the 3D bubble liner as an innovative layer promises to enhance and facilitate the wearer’s airflow helping for a more comfortable ride in warmer weather. Along with the overall rider experience it also raises the jacket potential for a more multi-functional and urban day to day use. The light weight d-skin cowhide adds to the freedom of motion whilst the standard reflecting inserts on the arms keep the usability of the jacket true to the line. Available in both black and red the corse works well for both inside and outside of the track.  The more understated black version of the Ducati jacketis cut close to fit for a clean and on-trend look that takes the jacket from race ready to fashion functional.

The second revamp to note is for the brands ever popular company line.  For a more refined style Ducati has collaborated with Rev’it and created the company line for Fall 14 with softer panels and sleeker cuts for both stylish men and women.  Available in both the signature heritage red and black colours the jackets are close cut and full of stylish features, from sleek tailored pocket lines to inner sleeves.  For an urban vibe the black version of this jacket can be worn on the streets further raising the concept of the road jacket to a luxury fashion piece.  Well-made with keen attention to detail even the nubuk leather stripe is tonally perfected to enhance the wearers shape providing a contrasting band which adds to the luxury feel of the Ducati jacket. The attention to style has not compromised the technical features of the jacket as it comes with the standard EC protectors on both elbows and shoulders. The jacket despite being urban ready also has provisions to insert the standard back protectors for road ready safety with true urban flexibility.   The design is iconic and a clear statement piece for both men and women alike.   For an exclusive yet super-deluxe and stylish jacket the company is a great and fully iconic, stylish and fashionable choice for both riders and passengers alike.