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Safe, elegant and stylish-new features, technology in branded biker gear this summer

Looking for something stylish to keep you cool in the most extreme hot weather? Summer biker jackets come in safe and elegant technology to allow ample amount of airflow to keep your scorching rides more enjoyable. Did you know that a branded biker gear like a ktm jacket is designed to regulate your body temperature when you hit the road on a hot climate? This, among many other brands came up with safe and well-designed new features to prep you up for the sweltering heat. Follow us to find out the latest technology in branded biker gear for this summer as we explore the tasteful new concepts ever invented in biker safety.

Mesh technology

Mesh biker jackets are perfect for the summer as it provides superior airflow technology. Most biker gears with mesh options come with abrasive textile zones and advanced mesh paneling system. Some leather biker jackets for this particularly hot season have combined mesh features to withstand the sizzling summertime riding. If you’re in need of an impeccable summer biking gear, look no further. Jackets for this season are made of Lycra, rayon and cotton blends that are sure to keep you looking hot on your travels while keeping cool underneath.

Tip: Construction of the jacket uses heavy-duty nylon and mesh fabrics to deliver strength and abrasion resistance technology. High performance fibers found on the latest biker jackets are extremely comfortable, quick-drying, protective and lightweight.  Other features include outer pockets for storage and additional pocket for back armour padding.

Perforated technology

Some elegantly styled leather jackets feature perforated and punctured back panel technology to keep the air flowing on warm weather. Summer inspired biker jackets are seamless combination of safety and breathable technology. Fashion houses and motorcycle brands create biker jackets that are ultimately functional and street smart. Be reminded that while some are fairly expensive, selected brands have cheaper substitutes.

Tip: Most branded biker jackets are integrated with CE approved shoulder and elbow armours. It should be fitted securely to bring safety without restraining the movement for the rider.

Detachable lining

Summer require lesser layer of fabrics. Biker jackets with windproof and waterproof lining can be removed to bring air and comfort in. Some protective gears come with elastic waist and adjustable arms for better adjustment to the contour of the body. Elegant styles have transpired as slim fitting leather biker gear displays fashion statement on the runways. Classic cuts with wide lapels and long silhouettes have remained a must-have for hardcore riders.

Tip: Protective armour now comes in lightweight and flexible technology. These insertable materials usually mould to your body shape and are designed to absorb the most extensive shocks for maximum safety. Unlike hard armour, the latest technology is energy absorbent. It slows down the impact to the bones, hence protect against serious bone injuries and scrapes. The pre-moulded rubbery foam materials adapts to the shape of your hip, shoulder or knee. It fits flawlessly to the extent of becoming almost invisible. 

Beyond all the sophisticated fashion and innovative technology for safety, one thing remains popular when it comes to choosing the perfect biking gear for your summer road trips; Comfort. Whether you’re donning the latest ktm jacket or the most elegant designer leather, keeping cool for the hot climate should not relinquish comfort for style, clearly, these two qualities are adherent on the latest branded biker gears aside from the uncompromising safety features.