Mclaren Jacket

Branded sport jacket - the essential attribute of any biker's wardrobe

Did you know that building a biker’s wardrobe cannot do without a branded sport jacket? If you’re an F1 racing enthusiast who’s also into motor racing, having at least one mclaren jacket in your closet is not a bad idea. This goes without saying that owning a designer sport jacket only mirrors your passion for speed. A sport jacket enhances your appearance while racing along the circuit or simply cruising down the countryside. Sport jackets have all the protective features of a racing gear minus the aerodynamic fit. Choosing a branded jacket is a long-term investment for it will make you look your best for a lifetime. If you still don’t know much about the essential features of a pricey sport jacket, read along to find out more.

Like a badge of honor

Sport jackets come with the insignia of a popular brand of a motorcycle or an automobile. The emblems are dominant fixtures in the racetracks as well as in off-road events. Whether you’re part of the team or one of the sponsors, a sport jacket is a symbolic representation of your desire. Popular brands even come up with custom sizes for young broodsthat are into racing at such an early age!

Tip: Sport jackets are an ideal representation of who you are. A biker enjoys originality and for that, keeping a branded sport jacket on hand ultimately sets you apart. Aside from leather, some jackets are made of soft shell fabrics and polyester. Did you know that fabrics like nylon and polyester are lightweight materials and an excellent choice for the summer for its breathable feature?


The joys of riding a motorbike not only require you to put on something to keep you dry and warm, but most importantly, something to keep you safe. Leather is widely known for providing a good amount of protection. It is an ideal choice for winter but in case you’ll be using it for summer, look for those with air vents for breathable function.

Tip: An ideal jacket must serve you well in wet, cold and hot environments. Racing and sport jackets are quite similar as both come with thick fabric, protective pads and armors. Biker jackets are not only worn for the purpose of riding a motorbike. Thisouterwear had become a wardrobe essential and an important part in mainstream fashion.

Air bag system

The utmost function of a high quality biker jacket comes with an airbag system. It instantly inflates as soon as the rider is thrown out of his bike. The only drawback of this type of jacket is the outrageous price tag attached to it. Air bag systems are built within the jacket that consists of a ripcord and a cartridge filled with carbon dioxide. It self-inflates when triggered and can be used constantly just by replenishing the cartridge.

Tip: Padding is the most economical way to protect riders from minor injuries. Sport jackets with maximum safety features are the ones equipped with reinforced chest, back, elbows and shoulder. Biker jackets with armors use durable plastic insertions to safeguard against extreme impact. A sport like racing inspires a biker to don a mclaren jacket. Biker-inspired leather jackets look good with a white shirt and black jeans. Perhaps cruising with your motorcycle has never been so stylish as luxury labels are taking things to the next level by balancing function and style.