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The latest fads of fashion in biker jackets – what new brands are offering

The biker jackets, formerly designed for bikers, have reached the high fashion industry now. The demand of these jackets has been for years and still continues to do so. Original biker jacket sometimes even cost more than a bike itself, thus making biker jacket a lifetime asset – something bigger than just fashion. Biker jackets are found in various types, sizes and materials. Leather is the mostly popular, but other materials like mesh textiles are also available.

Biker jacket was originally designed and made by Irving Schott in 1928. In was Marlon Brando, the actor from the movie ‘The Wild One’ released in 1953, who made this biker jacket popular and later this jacket became equally demanding among the non-bikers as well for it’s rough and tough fashion statement. Motorcycle jackets stand out from ordinary jackets because of its numerous functionalities. Motorcycle jackets are very comfortable to wear while riding bikes; they are lot of safety elements so that you are protected from weather and road mishaps.

There are various types of biker jackets depending on how you ride and the different riding styles you use. These include: racing jackets, bomber jackets, cruiser jackets, off-road jackets, touring jackets, airbag jackets, and many more. Racing jackets are fitted jacket having low wind resistance. This is perfect for racing. Bomber jackets are the basic biker jacket used for city riding. These jackets are often worn by the non bikers. Cruiser is a casual form of jacket. This jacket is used for casual rides around the city or countryside. Off road jackets are not very fitting; they are used when going for off road rallies. Touring jackets are of medium length, water proof and with lots of pockets for keeping important stuffs. This is a very useful jacket when going on a long ride. Airbag jackets are very safe; they save you from accidents. These jackets have airbags which inflates on impact.

Brands like Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Ferrari, Porche, and many other are coming up with the latest designs of biker jackets. Suzuki jackets are made from cowhide which gives its suppleness. Suzuki jackets are mostly found in white color with contrast sleeves in blue and black. This is a very stylish jacket that will give you a very smart appearance. The Ferrari jackets are a wonderful blend of technology, luxury and style. This year’s collection revitalizes the unique features of 1950’s iconic car GT California. These leather jackets have press studs which represent the Ferrari GT California’s radiator grille and the elbow patches represents the car’s radiator grille. The jackets are made up of soft sheepskin and are of peanut color. Honda jackets are designed for Honda riders specifically. These are waterproof and have fleece linings to keep warm. Harley Davidson jackets are made for the professional bikers. The specialty of this jacket is its innovative safety gear. New designs of these jackets have graphics of skulls and wings on them. Recently, this jacket grabbed huge attention from audience when this jacket, having autograph of Pope Francis, was sold at an auction for $77,485. Porche jackets are a wonderful blend of classic look and high functionality. Highest class craftsmanship has been displayed in making this jacket. It’s bold appearance and sporty design makes it extremely appealing.

Though designs of these biker jackets have changed over the years, the original design of being ‘functional’ is still the focus of today’s biker jackets. The demand for biker jackets will never cease, in fact, it will grow with time.