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The ultimate biker look with branded gear and jackets this season

Did you know the ultimate thing to love about the fashion styles for this season is the biker look? Being stylish does not just root on classy suits and ties. A biker look can be just as expensive and classy if you have the tang for elegance. Who haven’t seen the iconic Grand Prix film ‘Le Mans’ where McQueen wore a classic cool leather racing gear of what seemed to inspire the design of a tag heuer jacket we see today? Bear in mind that looking like an ultimate biker takes more than just your charm coupled with a pricey jacket. It’s all about putting things together. Follow us as we explore the countless ways to release that magnetic biker appeal in no time as we also look into the branded biking gear of this season.

Things you will need

As mentioned earlier, you will of course need a classic leather jacket. Other than that, you can complete the biker look with a cool hairstyle, a pair of leather black boots and a tight fitting black jeans and a nice shirt. Spearheading the trend for leather biker jackets are quilted and zippered styles. Nonetheless if you are more of an old school, lean on the safe side by choosing a classic style that doesn’t call for plenty of zippers and pockets for attention.

Tip: You can wear a leather belt to match your leather boots for a more polished form. An ultimate biker look may demand you to wear your boots over your jeans so make sure your pants are tight enough. You can choose between denim or leather pants. Remember that it’s all about style. You can stay away from the usual and may wear something out of the ordinary to make a strong statement.

Head Gear

A hot biker look starts with the head, and what better way to begin your voyage than to match your hairstyle with a sleek biker helmet. Women can don a ponytail or a chic short hairstyle to go with it whilemen can look sexy with the hair brushed up. To keep your hair away from your face, you can also wear a bandana or scarf. Protect your eyes from dusty winds across the country by wearing a driving goggles or a pair of sunglasses. Driving goggles exude vintage charm while aviator and wrap around shades are more contemporary and classic.

Tip: If you don’t have to ride on a motorcycle but might as well go for the biker look, a well-tied bandana works just the same as helmet when it comes to impressive styling.


Bikers wear tattoos and are proud to show it off. You don’t need to have a permanent imprint just to look like an ultimate biker. There are henna tattoos that can look just as real. Bikers have strong attitudes. What better way to liberateyourspirits than by wearing an interesting shirt of your favourite music, places, philanthropist, artist or a political figure?

Tip: Always wear a jacket for safety. Biker gears are made to protect you from serious impacts when riding a motorbike. Branded biker jackets are innovated with adaptable technology for both summer and winter climates. Above all, looking your best while donning the latest tag heuer jacket won’t make you an absolute biker if you don’t have the right attitude and flair for style.