Yamaha Jacket

How to buy branded biker jacket and check its authencity

As with all luxury goods, good brand biker jackets are often copied and sold as the legitimate article.  The internet especially is can be minefield to those susceptible to counterfeits and items that are not genuine or authentic. 

When you are deciding to buy a luxury item from a designer brand there are three basic steps you can take to check any items authenticity and ensure you are buying the genuine branded jacket of your choice.  With an expensive purchase such as a brand jacket you should always ensure you are spending your money in the wisest place.

Step 1: Research the actual price of the jacket on several sites both deciding to purchase.  When purchasing a luxury and expensive jacket from a brand you should always research the selling price of the item.  The brands themselves such as Ducati, red Bull etc. have their own websites which may show the retail price of the jacket.  Checking several different sites and also using shopping comparison engines should give you the idea of the selling price of any jacket you want whether it is a new hi-techYamaha jacket to an urban Tag-Heuer street-wear.  Once you have an average price then this should be what you expect to pay for your jacket.  Any site offering massive reductions, or simple much lower prices may well be selling counterfeit.  The only legitimate discounts to the jacket you may want to purchase might be sale or clearance pricing or a member or special discount codes that you have. 

Again be realistic here, if the new Yamaha jacket that has just be announced is posted as on clearance on a site straight out of the gate chances are that you are actually being sold goods that are not authentic.

Step 2: Look for information, badges and signs that show legitimate business and customer reviews on the site.  Any authentic goods website will feature in-depth and informative information about the jackets it sells.  From information about the brand, whether it be Ducati jackets or Yamaha jackets there should be detailed information about the brand heritage, the materials it uses and the latest technology and material processes.  Any site that doesn’t include good information about the jacket you are wanting to purchase should be avoided.  Another way of ensuring you are purchasing an authentic item is to check the customer reviews of the website, and product both on the site itself and elsewhere on product review sites.  Any good site which is selling authentic jackets should have a wealth of customer reviews, press and a solid reputation in the industry.  

Step 3: Check for logos, legitimate addresses and contact the site if you are not sure.  The final step in the process should always to be to check the actual site address of any website you are buying from and its contact details.  Legitimate site that are offering branded jackets will clearly display their authenticity logos, their contact details and will have several methods for you to contact them.  If you are ensure of anything you should reach out to the site to see if you get a genuine professional business response.  From email to live chat to a telephone number any site with all or some of these contact methods should be a safe place to buy the branded jacket you need.