Motorcycle Pants

Biker pants- the safety features in this year's models

How safety features Makes a motorbike Pant Different from Usual Pants?

What primarily makes motorbike pants totally different from diverse kinds of pants are available in the contemporary fashion trend, is the protective features that cooperatively offer the bikers’ safety from the common risks of motorbike riding. The most dangerous risk situations might include, principally slippery on pavement, since road rash causes motorbike injury in most of the cases. However, a biker pant cannot save the biker from total injury, but its safety features can reduce the risk of injury up to a considerable level. Therefore, the latest designs of motorcycle pants of the current year contain abrasion resistant material or add-ons in the areas that bear the highest probability to come in contact with the bottom portion of the body during the unfortunate situations of road crashes. These vulnerable areas often include, butt, hips, knees, etc. Adding to these, the biker pants are designed with cushioning or armor in order to provide added protection to the biker.

What Are The Safety Features In The Latest Motorbike Pant-designs?

The latest motorbike pants are designed with sturdier materials than casual wear that are made of cotton, polyester, viscose, leather or any other fabric. Biker pants offer safety during dual-sport riding as well as touring in any kind of weather situation. The designs of these biker pants include diverse materials and options, such as, zippered vents, padding, Gore-Tex lining, etc.

Which Materials Offer Safety Features In the Motorbike Pant-designs?

Denim is a widely popular material for using in the production of pants; but it offers low abrasion resistance. Usually, abrasion resistance quality of any fabric is strongly correlated with the weight of the fabric. However, there are some exceptions, for example, pure Kevlar offers great resistance towards abrasion and this material is incredibly strong in comparison to other fabrics of similar weight. Generally, Kevlar makes better scores on the abrasion tests, while it is applied as a portion of blended materials. On the whole, for the average fabrics applied in the production of motorcycle pants, it is decided that leathers containing about 1.3mm to 1.5mm thickness are expected to provide safety to the biker during road crash.

However, the effectiveness of the abrasion-resistance feature of a fabric is not assured only by the quality of the material; rather it also depends on some other facts, such as, whether the stitching can hold up the strong panels together or they become segmented during a slide.

How The Safety Features Are Tested In The Latest Motorbike Pant-designs?

The latest motorcycle pants include abrasion and tear resistance attribute. As protection of the biker’s body from a dangerous slide is considered a significant duty of the motorbike pant, the success depends upon the materials that have been used in the biker pant. In the most effective safety offering biker pants different materials can effectively remain fixed in the place, where they are supposed to be, while the bikers’ body fall upon the ground. Recently, the popular brands have launched biker pants after making laboratory testing. However, under controlled laboratory environment a range of tests had been done for decades in order to determine the actual safety-level offered by a biker pant. Among them "dragging behind a vehicle like truck test" is most popular. According to the expert’s reliable tests are offered in the industrial type testing laboratory, especially Taber Industries.  In a Taber test sample of every material are accumulated in a place and then send for grinding through a rubber-emery made wheels. The wheels are rotated until the materials are totally worn through. Thus the abrasion resistance of the motorbike pant is ensured.