Hard Saddlebags

Saddle bags The trends of this Fall Winter collection

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and adventurous thing to do. Getting the motorcycle apparel necessary to start riding is what a lot of biker enthusiasts look forward to. Every year bikers are introduces to new bikes and apparel by designers. Designs take on a modern and trendy look that speaks style and still holds true to the original purpose of protecting and shielding bikers in harsh weather.

This fall saddlebags have taken on shapes and sizes that are appropriate for fall. Hard saddlebags are a different kind of bag that is available for bikers to use. The hard saddle bag isn’t prone to moving and slipping as the soft saddlebag is. Hard saddlebags are longer than the soft ones. They are adjusted to fit the bike. No detaching or reattaching is done with these bags. The saddlebag has a certain edge to it because it leaves more room for designers to play around with. This is because the saddlebags are bigger and deeper. Depth and size isn’t the only advantage for creators. Motorcyclists get to enjoy more storage for long trips and general foolery.

Trends that have been showcased for saddlebags this winter aren’t completely different to trends from last season. Motorcycle designers have, however, given much thought to providing saddlebags that are bigger yet discreet.

A saddlebag that has a sleek finish is being seen more and more in the riding industry. In order for the bags to play the silent role, motorbikes have changed colours. The latest bike released for 2014 by one of the manufacturers comes in orange. The different colour makes the bike a desired item because it is rare to find anything made specifically for riding to not come in black. The orange sleek saddlebags are a great tool to for bikers who are trying out a new loo, staying a cut above the rest. Saddlebags can be found in yellow, lime and other different colours; brown is usually the other colour that saddlebags normally come in.

Custom designing a saddlebag is what some bikers are doing. What is prevalent is that the bag comes in black with the well-known aluminum buckles. Bikers send in their sizes and measurements, and then designers create a bag that is according to the specifications. Depending on the manufacturer bikers go to a coloured saddlebag can be found. Bikers also get to choose if they want to add anything extra to the saddlebags, nuts, studs, etc.

The brand name being slathered across the front of the bags gold or silver (aluminum) is being seen more and more. Having the brand name pasted on the saddlebag creates brand awareness. Bikers who aren’t familiar with what to go for get the subtle hint that the brand on the saddlebag is something they should think about. Saddlebags can be sold separately; this means that the bike can be a different brand to the bag. Manufacturers are curtailing this by including their names on the saddlebags.

Matching the saddlebag with a different colour, like having a black and brown saddlebag, is also gaining momentum amongst bikers. The hardcore and rough image of bikers is somewhat restored with this different coloured saddlebags. The saddlebags that have two different colours are still unique. There aren’t a lot going around in riding circles.