Leather Saddlebags

How to choose a leather saddlebag

Buying a new item or replacing it can be a hassle, especially when information about what to get and what to never get is limited. A leather saddle bag is one of the items a motorcycle should not go without. Choosing the right saddle bag is vital to ensuring a steady and fulfilling riding experience. The saddle bags were designed for storage purposes.

Choosing an item that is so important and compulsory can be found as overwhelming for bikers who don’t have it figured out. When choosing a saddle bags, bikers need to make sure that they are made of leather. Leather saddle bags are common in the biking market.

The reason the saddle bag should be made of 100% genuine leather is because the material can sustain injury and it can take a long time for them to get worn out or torn. The saddle bags wearing out can be caused by hot and cold temperatures.

Any accessories that are on the leather saddle bags, like buckles, chains, studs, or brand name should be made in aluminum. Aluminum prevents rust occurring over time due to seasonal changes and differing speed levels.

Size is important, the saddle bags storage capacity is crucial. The kind of space it offers will also depend on the frequency of the biker using the bike as well as what the biker uses it for.

 A good saddle bag needs to be water resistant, the bag being water proof lets the biker know that whatever they have stored inside the bag won’t get wet during the rainy season. Protection from the sun is also something the saddle bags must repel. In some areas, like the canyon, it can get really hot. Belt buckles and any other material that isn’t made of leather mustn’t get hot after long rides in the sun.

Function over style is what the leather bags should achieve. Fortunately, just like the leather jacket and other motorcycle apparel they come made with genuine leather. This is no different for the saddle bags. The functionality the bag can offer the rider is paramount over what it looks like.

The price of the saddle bag can make or break anyone’s budget. The saddle bag is fairly cheaper than any other item bikers invest in for a full riding experience. A good functioning bag can be found for under a hundred dollars in various walk in or online stores.

A motorcycle is designed for high speeds, on the highway and freeway. Leather saddlebags must be accompanied by more than one belt buckles. A belt buckle is there to ensure that the bag stays intact when the rider comes around sharp curves or mountainous terrain. The buckles need to stay secure throughout the trip. Having more than one buckle will make this possible.

When shopping for a saddle bags these are just a few things to be considered when entering a specialist motorcyclist store. Designs are multiple and they can be long or short. The design can have a hard or soft covering. What the rider prefers is what will determine the right fit for his or her personality.

The saddle bags are a final touch in having a complete riding experience. What the saddlebag will offer the rider in the long term is the main priority when searching for saddle bags.