Motorcycle Saddlebags

The new saddlebag trends for bikers this season

In the same way that technology and motor vehicles are being improved and made better and better for users. The biking industry is no different, each year it aims to ensure a well-rounded riding experience for bikers by introducing new bikes, riding gear and accessories that works better than items from the past year. New improvements are required because people’s tastes and preferences change at any given time. In order for designers to keep riders interested, they to find new ways of capturing and cornering the market using innovative means.

Motorcycle saddlebags are one of the biker accessories that have gone through transformations over the years. They are no longer the loose fitting and baggy bags that where seen in the 80s and early 90s. The saddle bags come in different shapes and designs. Big, small, long, wide, tall, short, hard or long are a few kinds of the saddle bags that can be found in today’s riding world.

The small bags are taking the cup in the trending scene. They are sold by different retailers. These motorcycle saddlebags have minimal storage space. They can be used for recreational purposes, e.g. storing alcohol and ice for an outdoor event with friends. The small saddle bags have a slanted design to them. This is done so to leave room between the exhaust pipe and the bike, preventing scrapping and burns from occurring underneath the bags.  Belt buckles are numerous as well on this petite bag. Other designs are round, square and rectangular.

Black is a popular for the riding industry. Their ridging gear is designed in mostly black leather. It is only fitting that the sole item that requires fabric, which goes on a bike, be made in black too. The black on the bags makes the aluminum on the bags stand out. This gives the bag a stylish and modern look.

A saddle bag that fits snuggly on the bike and can virtually disappear during rides is what most bikers online are looking for. For most people the saddlebags have been non-existent. Some riders may like to keep them on a low profile. A lot of modern motorcycle saddlebags have detachable and attachable straps that come off the bike in case they need replacing or cleaning.

A lot of the saddle bags designs are simplistic and fresh. Designers haven’t added a lot of things to clutter the bag. The simple design gives the bags a flattering look that can be pulled off in one of the world’s fashion shows. From the offset the bags have a trendier look that can be seen as a sling bag or pouch.

Because the saddle bags are made with genuine leather, some can have a matte finish or a clean finish. This all depends on the type of leather used to make the bag, e.g. cowhide or sheepskins. Sheepskin leather has the tendency of having dry and worn out look. The cowhide designs are neater and cleaner.

 Black isn’t the only colour that saddle bags come in. There is a brown make that is a lot smaller than the petite black bags. The brown bag is round shape and functions as a tool bag more than an item that is fitted to a motorcycle.

The saddlebags have gone through some positive changes over the years. Having waterproof and sun damage resistant capabilities elevates the bags functionality and influence it has in the biking industry.