Saddle Bags

Fashion trends and how practical are saddle bags for bikers

For motorcyclists who have been riding for quite some time the extra additions they need for a smooth and easy ride is common knowledge. New riders might feel like they are in the deep end with no lifebuoy to rescue them. A lot of the riding material is made from leather because leather is durable and it is the strongest material known to offer protection during a crash.

By default leather as a piece of clothing has a style and appeal to it that many have fallen in love with. So thanks to leather being a cool garment to have, this has made riding a bike a cool thing to do too. Besides getting the necessary riding gear like the jacket, pants, vest, helmet, boots, gloves, etc. The motorcycle also needs a bit of style added to it. The accessory that goes on the bike and not the person is the saddle bag.

The saddle bag is a bag that is made specifically for motorcycles. It works as a carrier. Holding anything that the biker can’t keep on them when driving, e.g. papers, a toolkit, etc. the saddle bag is made of leather, modern design saddle bags come with a rain cover or are made with waterproof resistant and sun proof material.

Saddle bags usually come as a pair; they hang on each side of the back wheel. They are barely noticeable to people who have no clue about motorcycling. They are a must have for bikers who are always on the road. The saddle bag is a helpful tool for many situations. The saddle bag can be loaded with a toolkit that will help in realigning wheels, patching up tears or pumping a flat tire. Just as a car has a spare wheel, jack, and other essential things in case of emergencies, a motorcyclist must also have the items handy. The best place to keep them is in a saddle bag.

A saddle bag can be used for different reasons, business or personal.This makes the saddle bag a practical item for everyday use. A lot of fast food restaurants that do deliveries use a motorbike to deliver hot tasty food directly to the doorsteps of customers.

The design of the saddle bag has a current look to it that can be passed off as a sling bag for the fashion conscious shopper. Different sizes and cuts are available for bikers to invest in. the kinds of saddle bags that are trending right now are the bags that are small and don’t have a lot of storage space. The bag can only fit petite items like beer and ice.

A black saddle bag with aluminum buckles and studs or the brand name is what is being sold online. The bag is tough, and it isn’t prone to getting damaged when impact hits. Most come with a protective layer that prevents this from happening.

A black saddle bag is the favourite for bikers. There are also brown bags but they are far and few in between when placed against the black saddle bag. A saddle bag is essential for bikers, new or old; it plays a pivotal role in giving the rider more room in his or her pants and jacket pockets. It should be used often for personal, business or recreational tasks of the rider.