Leather Mini Skirt

What's leading designers presented in this year leather skirt collection

Skirt represents femininity. Skirt is a very stylish and attractive outfit. Branded skirts emphasize women’s attractive features. Leather skirts are very bold and attractive piece of attire. It shows strong personality of the person wearing it. Leather is always in fashion and leather skirts occupy a segment of the designer’s collection every year. This year’s leather collection highlights the classic color black.

Other colors like white, beige, grey, burgundy, blush, etc. are also fashionable. Some of the leather skirt styles presented by leading designers are discussed below. Leather mini skirt has been the preference for most designers this season. Glossy, matte and reptile skin are always trendy, however, artificial leathers are also used by many designers to give a good shape to leather skirts.

Versace presented a black leather skater skirt having an attractive and youthful style. It is made of soft lambskin and has a very luxury feel to it. This skirt will go well with colorful silk blouse or shirt. Alberta Ferretti came up with a black shining tight leather mini skirt. Designer brand Balenciaga designed leather skirts with modern colors. Hermes came up with long and wide style of leather skirts. Belstaff, an Italian brand, displayed a black leather skirt this year. This attractive leather mini skirt has side zippers. Alexander McQueen, another Italian brand, showcased an oxblood colored pencil leather skirt. This skirt is knee length and has silk lining. The Kooples’ black leather skirt has a center zipper that opens up near the hem. This sophisticated skirt is made up of lambskin leather. Zoe leather skirt from Alice and Olivia is a good choice for your wardrobe. This mini skirt is designed with matte leather in zigzag pattern. Another style of leather skirt showcased by Alice and Olivia this season is wrap mini skirt. This wrapped style leather skirt is extremely stylish. Other designs by Alice and Olivia include grey flare leather skirt, black fitted mini skirt and black pencil leather skirt. Designer house Givenchy designed a black pencil leather skirt.  Fashion house Zara designed an appliqué leather skirt. A-line shaped leather skirt with front zip pocket and fastening by designer Alexander Wang is also a great choice for this year. This mini skirt is made from lambskin. Gucci followed the same pattern as Alexander Wang this year. This Italian made a-line leather skirt from Gucci is of antique rose color and it is the color that makes this skirt so appealing.

Even though mini skirt is main trend this year, long skirts have also occupied the stage. Long skirts are very sensual and graceful, making the figure visually appealing. Designer brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton worked on these long leather skirts this year.

This year has been great for owners of beautiful legs as designers’ concentration has been leather mini skirts. This outfit is perfect for adorning your shapely body. Leather is a unique and expensive material. Through processing different looks are created which are always very attractive. Leather skirts are extremely fashionable. If worn with proper tops or blouse and shoes, it is enough attract everyone’s gaze. Leather skirts are always a preference for top designers every season. They work on the style, cut, color and pattern to make it more attractive and demanding to customers.