Leather Pencil Skirt

Leather skirts - The types and trends making news this summer

Summer’s skirts can be described as smart, shiny, stylish and short! Comfort is the key feature of a skirt you wear in summer. Leather somewhat gives an opposite vibe in summer. One doesn’t really associate leather with summer. As leather is thick and feels warm, many think that it is not appropriate for summer. But practically, if you choose a shape that is relaxed and a bit loose and gives your skin some air, then it can be comfortable to wear leather skirts in summer too. Also, if the leather is of lighter weight and natural colors like white, beige or light pastels, then heat is not even a factor in wearing leather skirts. So, without hesitation, anyone can add leather skirts to your summer wardrobe. Celebrities are also trying out leather skirts in summer. Kim Kardashian was recently spotted in a black leather mini skirt. Kristen Stewart was seen in blue knee-length leather skirt. Salma Hayek dazzled in beige folded leather mini skirt. Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez love pencil leather skirts and they look stunning in cropped tops.

The types of leather skirts that are trendy this summer are: leather pencil skirt, skater skirt, A-line skirt and mini skirt. Leather pencil skirt is always admired due to its elegant and attractive shape. Caramel brown midi skirt with a bit of southwestern style is in fashion this summer. Black fitted mini leather skirt looks smart, versatile and sporty and is perfect for summer. This skirt can be worn with blouse, t-shirt or shirt and ankle boots.  Quilted leather skirts and skirts with zippers also look stunning. Leather skirts with asymmetric cuts and pockets in front can also be this summer’s pick.

Skirts made of faux leather are a good choice to beat the summer’s heat. Faux leather has got the proper ventilation and is light-weighted. It is important to choose a skirt that doesn’t stick to the body. A-line skirt in this case is a better option than leather pencil skirt. Crop tops are popular in summer as it goes really well with leather skirts. T-shirt also looks very sophisticated and classy. Pencil leather skirt looks best with heels as they enhance the shape of your legs making you look taller and graceful. You can wear a plain white blouse with a pencil skirt and adding a blazer will make it perfect for formal occasion. A denim jacket or a leather jacket also looks cool with a pencil skirt. Pencil skirt with sheer blouse is also an ideal choice for evening parties. When wearing leather in summer, the color of the skirt must be chosen carefully. Black attracts heat more compared to white or any other color. So it is better to try other colors of leather skirt than black. Pleated mini skirts and other forms of mini skirts are much comfortable to wear than longer skirts.

Leather is related to being tough and edgy. It reminds us of the rock culture. However, last few years have been different. Leather is no more considered only of rock style; designers have experimented with these material years after years and have been successful in giving it a feminine look through various shapes and styles. Designers have showcased a lot of shades and styles of leather skirts this summer. When wearing in summer, the color of the leather skirt must be chosen carefully.