Leather Skirt

Limited edition of leather skirts - trends and style of designer house this season

Leather is always cool and trendy, despite the season. A leather skirt is an attractive piece of garment for women which portray a feminine as well as bold personality. One should know how to put on a proper attire to complement a leather skirt, otherwise it can be disastrous. As good leather is a not very cheap to get, limited edition quality leather skirts are usually designed by designer houses.

Gucci, Saint Laurent, Sportmax, Zadig & Voltaire, and Vivienne Tam are some of the fashion houses that have designed limited edition of leather skirts this season.

Various styles of leather skirts are available in the designer house this season. Faux leather skirts are very popular this season. They come in different cuts and shapes. For example: clear cut style, asymmetric front style, curved asymmetric style, A-line shape, etc. Quilted mini leather skirt has quilted patterns. Fashion houses have designed mini skirts with buckled tab and asymmetric zip. Some skirts have studs in front to give a party look. These mini skirts go well with silk blouses. As most of these skirts are black, white-colored top will look very elegant. Pleated mini skirt has a school girl image. This type of leather skirt has box pleating around the waist and is a great casual wear. Pencil skirts look extremely smart. It is perfect for formal events. A red pencil skirt of faux leather is a very attractive piece of clothing and is a sure head turner. Skater skirts are always trendy. You can wear this style of leather skirt with boots in winter and leave the legs bare in summer.

This skirt defines your body. This skirt has been in fashion since the 80s and was inspired by skating dancers. Since then it has been rediscovered again and again due to it’s huge demand. Skater skirt goes well with leather jackets, jumpers, or even blazers. It is found in various colors like black, nude, blush, white, blue or red. Leather skirts with abstract print, floral embroideries, sequins and embellishments are also trendy this season.

Belts and zippers are on fashion this season. So it is of no surprise that designers will use these accessories with their leather skirts. Sporty look is also in this season. Perforated leather used in skirts give a sporty image. Even though black leather skirts are mostly worn, colors like red, gold, olive and blue are also in fashion. Midi skirts are also fashionable this season. Midi skirts are longer than mini skirts and designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Victoria Beckham prefer this style of leather skirt this season. Pencil-styled midi leather skirt is a great choice for fashion conscious ladies this season.

Deciding what to wear with leather skirt takes a lot of effort. A loosely fitted tops goes well with a pencil leather skirt. Fitted blouse is a better choice for pleated or other style of skirts. Leather or denim jackets are also a good choice to go with leather skirts. Light colored shirt is suitable for formal events and satin or silk fabrics with dark colors are more appropriate choices for a party or evening occasion.

Wearing a leather skirt is very stylish. However, it requires good sense of fashion as, if carried inappropriately, it will ruin the image of this extremely fashionable attire.