Pleated Leather Skirt

Pleated, mini, long, quilted - The changing trends of leather skirts

Leather skirts are extremely fashionable attires that adorns are wardrobe throughout the year. It can be bold, yet elegant. Various types of leather skirts are available in the market. Pleated leather skirt, mini leather skirt, long leather skirt, and quilted leather skirts are the most common forms of leather skirts. However, unconventional styles are also gaining popularity.

Pencil leather skirts are the most traditional style of leather skirt. This form of skirt has no strict length. Pencil leather skirts are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. It gives your body a nice shape.

Even though this skirt is a vintage, you can add a modern flavor to it by wearing it with a peplum top or belted jacket. A red pencil skirt of faux leather is a very attractive piece of clothing and is a sure head turner.

A-line leather skirts have a youthful and vibrant appeal to it. These are available in both mini and midi length. This style of skirt portrays a schoolgirl image. Pleated leather skirt belongs to the family of A-line leather skirts.

This type of skirt can be worn with either a simple blouse or a blazer. Deep-slit leather skirts are trendy. These skirts give a sensuous feeling and are appropriate for those with shapely legs to show off. Wrap around leather skirts are another style of skirt that is on fashion. This design creates layers around the lower part of the body.

Quilted mini leather skirt has quilted patterns on it. These skirts have buckled tab and asymmetric zip; some have studs in front to give a party look. These quilted leather skirts go well with silk blouses. As most of these skirts are black, white-colored top will look very elegant. Skater skirts are on trend now. This 80s style leather skirt has been inspired by skating dancers. You can wear this style of leather skirt with boots in winter and leave the legs bare in summer. Skater skirt goes well with leather jackets, jumpers, or even blazers.

Mini leather skirts are loved by most women because of its’ attractive appeal. Mini leather skirts are very comfortable to wear in summer and so are in high demand in this season.  It portrays a sensual, at the same time a sporty image. Even though black leather skirts are mostly demanding, colors like red, gold, olive, blush, nude and blue are also in fashion. Midi skirts are also fashionable this season. Midi skirts are longer than mini skirts. Pencil-styled midi leather skirt is a great choice for fashion conscious ladies this season. Some designers even work with long leather skirts which gives a total image of the whole body shape and thus is very sensuous and attractive.

Leather skirts often come with abstract print, sequins, floral embroideries and embellishments giving a more modern and party look to it. Belts and zippers also adorn leather skirts. Designers always use these accessories to give the traditional leather skirts a new style.

Wearing a leather skirt is trendy all the time, even during summer. However, in summer a light-weighted leather skirt will make more comfortable attire and faux leather would be the right choice. Leather skirts are so versatile that anything you wear will look good with it. It is appropriate for both formal and evening occasions. All you need to do is just change what you wear in top according to the occasion.