Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets - The new styles doing rounds this year

The motorcycle jackets and the rough biker look has changes and modified over the decades but the sense of style remains ever so popular in the fashion industry and as well as among the common people. The ways they have been accessorized have changed along with the colors and structure. Fashion designers have worked with this genre of clothes which mainly includes the leather jackets because of the overwhelming popularity among the common people.

Sneak peak at the new colors

The color palette of Black, Grey and Brown will always remain in fashion but the new season has welcomes a variety of colors to the fashion market. Dark blue and nude colors have heightened the level of sophistication associated with the leather biker jackets.

The introduction of color such as yellow and bold oranges is making quite a statement though they are on the other side when it comes to color palettes.

The patterns and styles

One very important part of the leather jackets is its structure which depends on the structure of the shoulders, the body silhouette and the arms. Highlighting those regions is a part of the latest trend. Fashion celebrates a person's figure in every flattering way possible and so it is important to maintain the styles of biker jackets perfectly so that that a huge population can relate to it. One of the trends this season is to done the armored motorcycle jacket. They give people the fighter and tough look without compromising with the overall style of the outfit. The zipped pockets and the high neck collars optimize the whole look. Modernizing the look has been a target for most of the designers throughout history and even in the present day. So designers are using more and more detailing such as the fish scale designs on the arms or the ribbed stitch. The perforated look and the tailored jackets are taking a very special place in the storm. Even if someone does not have the rough biker persona, that person can also pull off the look because the whole point of it is about versatility.

Wear it the perfect way

Want to strike a few hearts while walking with the armored motorcycle jacket on? They know the way to wear this season. Pair up the leather biker jackets with fitted jeans, white shirts or t-shirts and a tie. The business casual look can never go wrong. If someone is a little more ambitious, then scarves and hats are a great way to spice up the whole look. Nice pair of shades and shoes such as sandals, loafers, boots or sneakers which compliment the look well are all good choices to go with that outfit. To top it off, if the person has a bike, then there is nothing like it.

Common people and the biker gang look

Everybody wants to have that rough edge in their look because it is a great fashion statement, so people are trying to fit at least one such outfit in their wardrobes which is good for both casual and party wear. To reach the common masses, it is important to create an outfit which has a broad horizon and so the fashion designers are working on combining the street smart look with the sophistication of the fashion world to create the ultimate look.