Blue Bomber Jacket

The perfect winter jacket- The bomber jacket

A winter jacket could be made of leather or fabric like nylon, viscose, polyester, etc. Usually these jackets contain two numbers of front-pockets along with lining as well as zippered front. The bomber jackets contain versatile designs in the collar, sleeves, waist and cuff region of the jackets now-a-days. However, the initial bomber type  jackets were strictly used for the pilots during flights. Though those ancient bomber jackets were completely different kinds of jacket offered on the market these days, the latest bomber jackets offer a touch of that ancient style along with amazing options.

     - Waxed Denim Bomber Jackets

Waxed denim is made by process denim with beeswax, oil and turpentine. This bomber jacket contains water and weather resistant qualities. This material provides great warmth and comfort during the winter season.

     - A-2 Type Bomber Jacket

The A-2 is that the best identified version of bomber jackets. This winter jacket offers snap down collar, leather epaulettes as front flap, knitted cuffs and waistband. The overall design keeps the individual out of wind and cold, who will wear this jacket.

     - MA-1 Type Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 jacket can be worn throughout the year. It is made up of a light-weight nylon. It offers slashed front-side pockets, ribbed cuffs along with zip at the front closure. The waistbands help to keep out the wind, which gives comfort in winter. This synthetic liner has complemented the overall design of this bomber jacket.

     - Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather made bomber can be made up of sheepskin type leather, goatskin type leather, cowhide, etc. These materials can resist harsh weather effect during the winter. During the production process, the leather material is bleached with blue color to make a blue bomber jacket.

     - Aviator jacket

This winter special bomber jacket includes a zipper system with front closing style, tailored collar, hand warming pockets, knit cuffs, and waistband. The use of polyfill type artificial material has made this winter bomber jacket look different from other bomber jackets.

     - TP Eco jacket

An eco-friendly bomber jacket  isentirely created from recycled TP Eco material materials as well as thermoplastic materials. This type nice looking bomber jacket wonderfully maintains the balance between winter effect and latest fashion trend. These winter jackets offer diverse design attributes, such as, wool lining, waterproof qualities, two-way zipper placed in front-side of the jacket, stand collar, welded aspect pockets with zipped system, etc. This type bomber jacket includes reflective tape stitched at the shoulder seams, collar area and front cuff area. These winter jackets are washable and easy to use and comfortable to wear.

     - Waxed Nylon Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket jacket has trendy pockets, waistbands, mock-neck style collar containing button tabs, zippers with two-way style design, ribbed cuffs, angular zipper pockets within the front and snapped flap at the waist for tighter work and less exposure to the weather. This jacket is perfect for winter use.

     - B-3 Bomber Jacket

The outer shell system of B-3 winter jacket has been made up from the sheepskin processed leather. The design offers, wool liner, welted seams, brass zipper along with a buckled collar. It additionally has adjustable straps placed in the waist region and front-side hand pockets will keep the hands warm. A blue bomber jacket can be a great choice for winter fashion.

     - Gore-tex Bomber Jackets

Gore-tex refers to a kind of synthetic material, which is made up of fluoro-polymer merchandise. It helps the individual cope up with the harsh effect of cold wind and rain during the winter. It is also available in other colors.