Ladies Motorcycle Clothing

Women in motorcycle clothing- what are the new trends this winter

Ladies have all the advantages when it comes to fashion. The fact that women can carry almost any men’s styles and still look hot is something that helps expand wardrobe for them. While it’s most unlikely for men to pull of feminine fashion, for ladies it is an exhilarating and flattering experience. From men’s shirt, tees, boots, watches and more women rock just about anything meant for men. Now, probably the best fashion statement women have taken into from men is motorcycle clothing. Motorcycle jackets are now every lady’s favourite and hey! Ladies can rock more styles in motorcycle jackets than men themselves. Also, biker jackets in ladies look hot, cool, sexy, cute and everything flattering.

The next Yay! Thing about biker jackets for women is that they go with any outfit. Biker jackets can be paired with shorts, skirts, tight fitted trousers, jeans, dresses at times and just what not? Motorcycle jackets and biker jackets for ladies are so in this winter. Here are some tips on just how to wear ladies motorcycle clothing preferably jackets to rock the new trend for this winter:

First thing first choose the most versatile in biker jackets and for ladies that would be the diagonal zippered biker jackets. They work great to hide tummy or if you have a straight body or a busty top, so all in all diagonal zippered jackets the most versatile. Biker jackets are just the thing to pick out for ladies motorcycle clothing. Now the thing to know is how to style them.

1. Wear it with a turtleneck: Pair your biker jacket with a turtleneck and jeans then you are good to go. And, yes boots look better than anything else with this look.

2. Pair it with shirt: A biker jacket goes with a good old oxford shirt and pleated skirt. You can pair it with shorts or ripped jeans and underneath wear a cropped or a basic tee.

3. Wear it over short and long dress:  A biker jacket goes perfectly well with a long or a short dress. You can wear boots or heels with a warm legging to feel stylish this winter. You can accessorize with scarves and mufflers or woollen caps too.

4. Experiment with colours: Bright motorcycle jackets to pull off for guys might be hard enough thing but for girls it is as easy. So go red, blue, grey, brown or other colours and team it up with complimenting outfit. For e.g.: a red studded biker jacket will go cool with lighter colour dresses, shorts or skirts.

5. Experiment with fabric: You can get biker or motorcycle jackets in cotton, denim, silk and faux leather, so get your style and appear different than the usual leather biker jackets.

6. Team it up with summer clothes: Trust us on this: biker jackets go great with printed light summer tees or graphic tees for that matter. Also they compliment the cropped blouse trend which is on fire. For more woollen approach try some woollen sweatshirt underneath.

How to wear the conventional motorcycle jackets (The one with a waist belt or a mandarin collar)?

This conventional motorcycle jacket trend look good either you are slim or heavy. Go with this for the peak winter time. Do not forget to match it with proper biker boots for the extra exact look.