Leather Motorcycle Jackets For Men

High and branded leather jackets: what new technology in trend

Today clothing and accessories made of leather are very trendy, because leather is a unique material. The leather jackets of famous brands have double function: first of all they are very comfortable and secondly such clothing shows the status of a person.

The brighter - the better. This is the motto of the most famous world designers. Acidic color blends are perfectly combined with short cut. Yellow, pink, green - all shades of the rainbow are welcome. Famous fashion houses have decided to make a special emphasis on the leather jackets of vinous color.  But the classical black and dark brown also stay popular.

If we compare the leather jacket produced, for example, in the 90s with a modern variant, then we will see not only significant differences related to the quality of the material, but also drastic changes of shapes and styles of the leather jacket. One of the latest fashion trends has become a leather jacket with studs. Jackets with studs, always associated with early rock style, now can be combined with almost any clothing. The good old classic stays in trend. And, despite the various new trends in the fashion world of leather jackets, a strong position is occupied by leather motorcycle jackets for men and women. Short leather jacket with lots of rivets, fringing and studs – here is what to wear state fashion designers. The famous brand that designs leather motorcycle jackets for men and women is Mochino. Creators of the brand decided to make such jacket shocking and eye-catching, and decorated it with a long fringe and lots of lightings. The brand with the world-known name Liu Jo suggests paying attention to the sophisticated accessories that always perfectly make accent on the cut of especially women's leather jacket – it is belt. Leather jackets from Liu Jo are made from the thinnest leather. Weightlessness of the model is emphasized by the thin velvet belt and collar with velvet finishing. Luxurious leather jacket of unique ALTS brand cannot be confused with other brands in the fashion industry. Emphasis is placed on the original finish of the collar, knitted sleeves and clasp with just only one button. The fashion brand Burberry present the unique leather jackets with removable sleeves, jacket that can be easily transformed into a trendy vest.

For those who are not ready to part with a favorite leather jacket in cold weather, the designers created leather jackets with fur, which is slightly warmer due to more insulated thin lining and fur that decorates the collar creates a correspondence between the jacket and the weather conditions on the street. Also very fashionable this season are jackets cardigans, vests, short jackets (with the length to the chest), the options with short s and loose sleeve, classic jackets with zipper and without a collar.

Natural or artificial leather jacket, this is a matter of taste and budget. But this season, special attention should be paid to the model of leather jacket with inserts of other materials: lace, fur, textile and even silk. Such decorations as various embroidery and applications are not trendy anymore. For the decoration designers are actively using only such things as metal rivets, buckles and studs. Also relevant are the quilted leather jacket with perforation (holes in the leather).

Fashionable leather jacket enables you to look stylish and expensive, true and beautiful, and in tandem with comfort this is the explosive mixture, ensuring proper look in any situation.